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Our team uses the strategies below to make your WordPress website faster.

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Our secure and performance plan gives you free access to WP Rocket (worth $249) and Shortpixel (worth $168). This ensures that your website scores high in Google Pagespeed Insights, Pingdom and GTMetrix.


This is a customer’s website before we started. Not great!

Make WordPress Website Faster 3


The result after we had implemented our optimisations.

Make WordPress Website Faster 4

Note: This is an extreme example where images were not optimized and many useless plugins were installed.

Whether we can achieve this for your website depends on several factors.

What exactly do we do?

Browser caching

We regularly keep an updated version of your website. When people visit your site, they are cached for a faster loaded version instead of having to load the entire website.

Compress Javascript and CSS

We compress all scripts and styles, add expiring headers, cache your website and move styles to the header and scripts to the footer. This will mean that your website will load the important stuff first.

Enabling Compression

We make Gzip compression possible from your server. This means shorter loading times and a generally quicker website.

Image optimisation

We use lossless compression to optimise all your images without sacrificing quality. We also automatically compress all images that you may upload in the future.

Lazy Loading images

Lazy loading for iframes and images on your site will shorten the loading time and save bandwidth. We make sure that we don’t use any external JS libraries so that the number of calls is kept to a minimum.

CDN support

A Content Delivery Network copies your website to servers all over the world and delivers it to users of the server that is closest to their geographical location.

Inline Critical CSS

CSS is supposed to be placed in the header; we only place the most important CSS in the header and load non-essentials only after all the essentials have loaded.

Render-Blocking Resources

We move Javascript/CSS files, Font Awesome and Google Fonts to places where they won’t have an impact on the loading time of visual elements for your visitors.

Combine requests

We cut down the number of requests made by your website by combining all your CSS and JS and moving what we can to the footer text. This results in shorter loading times.

Optimised mobile experience

We ensure that your website shows a responsive version for every browser and screen size, and the correct fonts and good menu structures are shown on every device.

Shorten response time

Slow websites are often caused by the server. If your hosting provider doesn’t succeed in hosting a quick site, we will move you for free to our fully maintained WordPress hosting area.

Remove query series

URL’s with a “?” are not saved in the cache by certain proxy cache servers or CDNS. This may be a missed chance for higher speeds, so we will optimise this for you.

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