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If you are strongly committed to WordPress security.

Free Ebook on how you can secure WordPress

WordPress security

Ebook: 20 step checklist for secure WordPress protection

Gain free access to WordPress security plugin Ithemes Security Pro

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We protect your website 24/7 with iThemes Security Pro. With our safe and performance plan you will gain free access to this premium WordPress Security plugin (a $197value).

You can now be certain that your website is protected against any malicious attacks. We maintain dozens of websites and not once has one of them been hacked.

Extra WordPress security scan with an Ethical Hacker

Do you want to be 100% sure that your website is impenetrable?

Let an ethical hacker do a security scan of your WordPress website.

Wpsupporters is the only company in the Netherlands that works closely with an ethical hacker that can expose weakness in your network through penetration tests.

This ethical hacker will perform tests by randomly sampling websites managed by WPsupporters.

Do you want to turn your website into Fort Knox? Make an appointment with a supporter to discuss the possibilities.

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How we look after your WordPress Security

Daily malware scan

Your website will be scanned daily for malware, malicious codes and weaknesses. If our scans find anything, our supporters will repair the files immediately.

Daily plugin + theme scan

We scan your WordPress files daily in order to make sure that you always get the latest updates from developers.

Daily cloud back-ups

Your back-ups will be saved every day to our secured cloud storage in Europe. If anything happens, we can restore your website and database with the click of a button.

Daily DNS check

We scan your website daily for DNS changes. AS this may cause downtime, we check this regularly.

Daily link scan

We scan your website daily for links that may send your visitors to suspicious content or broken (404) pages. We will make the necessary adjustments and make sure the link leads to a well-functioning page.

Daily database optimisation

We optimise your WordPress database daily in order to maintain your website’s speed.

Realtime monitoring

We check websites in realtime for hack attempts, so that we can immediately react to any security problems. We can also improve your security based on the threat.

Install a firewall

Installing a firewall is one of the best ways to keep hackers and spammers out. This will give to multiple block options in order to keep suspicious traffic away from your website.

SSL certificate.

We support the installation of an SSL certificate so that your URL begins with https. All data on your site will be coded and your visitors and Google will feel secure.


We block malicious parties by locking their IP address if someone makes multiple attempts to gain access to your site or files.

Spam filtering

We will clean up spam and unwanted comments from your website and dashboard every day. We will also optimise your database for speed and SEO.

Database protection

Our supporters protect your database against SQL attacks which add unwanted content to your database. This is a common type of website attack that we will absolutely not tolerate.

Secure passwords

We check all admin usernames to ensure that it is near impossible to gain access via a brute force attack. We require all users to use strong passwords.

Brute Force protection

We will change the login URL, create strong passwords, install a firewall and activate IP blocking so that nobody can hack your site.

Plugin source check

We check all of your plugins and themes in order to be sure that they have come from a secure and trusted source. Everything on your website should be verified by wordpress.org.

File permissions

We adjust file permissions so that only selected people that you know and trust can add files. This means that there will be much less risk of malicious codes and hacks.

Manage inactive plugins

Outdated plugins can be weaknesses in your website’s security, even when they’re deactivated. We assess the plugins that you’re using and delete any plugins which you aren’t using.

Blocking fake Google crawlers

Some malware will try to simulate Googlebots. Our security system knows the difference and won’t give these bots access to your website.

2 step authentication

If you would like an extra layer of security for your WordPress dashboard, we will add 2 step authentication. This means that you will need to send a code to your mobile device in order to be able to log in.

Ethical hacker

We are the only WordPress security company that works together with an ethical hacker that will randomly test our websites. Do you also want to check your site with penetration tests? Contact us.

Adjusted WordPress login URL

We can change the login URL of your WordPress dashboard from /wp-admin to any URL that you would like. This will make it much harder for bots and hackers to find your login page.

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