WordPress Update Service

WordPress up-to-date without errors or problems.

What exactly do we do?

Weekly Updates

Our team provides your WordPress website with the latest updates every week. Before installing the updates, we make sure that there are no bugs in the update, so that you don’t encounter any issues.

Safe updates

We never install the newest version of a plugin. This is because developers are sometimes pressured to release the newest (unstable) version. We always wait for the stable version.

Weekly report

We send out a weekly report to show what we have been doing. We want to conduct our business as transparently as possible and it’s important to us that you know what we are doing.

No downtime

We perform updates during less busy times for your website. In this manner your visitors will not encounter problems on the site.

With care for your site

We only want happy clients and will take care of your site as if it is our own site. That’s a promise.

To be up-to-date

By updating regularly, your website will stay quick and be safeguarded against any parties with malicious intent.

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