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Our fast and efficient wordpress maintenance and support services means your support request is our highest priority.

This is how it works:

1) When you submit a support ticket you’ll immediately receive an automatic reply.

2) Within 4 hours you will receive a response email from a Supporter to let you know that we’ve seen your ticket. We’ll assess its complexity and let you know how soon it will be resolved.

3) Within 24-48 hours you’ll receive an email notifying you that the issue is resolved.

Our quick-response WP maintenance services ensure that if our tech expert needs more time, we’ll give you our best estimate about how much longer it will take to resolve so that you’re kept in the loop the entire time.

We’ll communicate with you consistently until it’s fully resolved.

Our customer onboarding process is quick and easy:

  1. You choose one of our 3 support plans
  2. Once your account is setup we’ll request access details for your wordpress website and hosting service.
  3. We’ll then begin a website performance scan, checking on more than 150 points, implement optimisations and deliver a comprehensive report showing the before and after effects.
  4. Sit back and relax as your website is now taken care of by the WPsupporters team!

If you’re looking for reliable wordpress support and maintenance services for your website so you can focus entirely on your business, talk to our team today.

Not at all. You can host your website with any website hosting service worldwide and we’ll work in with you, no problem at all.

Professional wordpress maintenance support means you should have the flexibility to choose your hosting provider, and not be forced into using a host that doesn’t suit your or your website.

Our 3 support plan prices are for one wordpress website fully managed.

For additional websites we offer a 20% discount off the monthly maintenance fee.

We know you want the best wordpress maintenance services for the best price which is why we do thing differently…

Firstly, we’re English speaking and European-based (in The Netherlands), which means when any part of the world beyond Europe is awake and working, it’s either early morning or late afternoon for us… so we’re here with wordpress website help wherever you’re located globally.

Secondly, we offer free upgrades to premium wordpress plugins.

Paying full price for the top security plugin, speed plugin, image compression plugin and others would usually cost you around $1200 per year.

But when you’re a WPsupporters customer you’ll receive over 5 premium plugin upgrades free with any of our 3 support plans.

When you’re comparing wordpress website management companies be sure to ask about this particular add-on as it represents a significant annual saving in the running of your website and business.

Thirdly, we offer unlimited edits to your wordpress website.

So whether getting help with a wordpress website means you’d like a Page or Post edited or an entirely new Page or Post created, we’ll take care of it as part of your support plan.

Unlimited edits means that you’ll receive unlimited wordpress support, including adding or editing any content on any Page or Post… images, headers or footers, plugin settings, blog content, images or text, coupon codes, store product edits. Unlimited wordpress help online really means unlimited! Unlimited edits however does not include custom modifications to development (PHP, plug-ins, themes, etc.), customising custom code, Graphic design, PSD to WordPress, creating content or building a new website/subdomain. EXAMPLE 1 Included: You have us for monthly wordpress support and want us to create a new blog post with text and images that you send us, along with instructions and a format that is ready for WordPress. Not included: You want us to create/write a blog post, search for images and upload them to WordPress. EXAMPLE 2 Included: You’re looking for a woocommerce maintenance service and want us to add a new product to your store (for which all necessary information is supplied). Not included: You want us (with our premium plugin Cartflows) to create a custom payment process for your WooCommerce store. (This can be done on the basis of a quotation) EXAMPLE 3 Included: You want us to install and set up a plug-in to use the built-in functionality. Not included: You want us to create new functionality that does not exist in a plug-in. EXAMPLE 4 Included: You want us to modify the text on your page with a text you provide. Not included: You want us to rewrite the content of your page. Of course we will gladly help you with edits that are not included in our maintenance package. For these kinds of situations we will create a quote first before any work begins. Arrange a free conversation with a WP Supporter if you’re interested or want more information about our custom plans.

Yes we can but this will be quoted separately as it’s outside the scope of our website maintenance packages.

We service customers worldwide from our headquarters in The Netherlands.
Our English speaking team can maintain your website in Europe, UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, NZ, Singapore, Hong Kong and beyond… as long as your website is in English.

As one of the top wordpress maintenance providers we make wordpress easy… so you can focus on your business knowing that your website is running optimally 24/7.

Let’s answer that in two important ways…

Firstly… as your website techies, our first priority is to secure your website so that it doesn’t go offline or doesn’t have any plugin conflicts that can cause your website to ‘act funny’.

Each of our WordPress care packages will keep your website safe and come with our full support.

Secondly… in the extremely rare case that something happens, our European-based support team are just hours away.

Because… being centrally based in Europe (The Netherlands), when one half of the world is working, it’s our morning, and when the other half of the world is working, it’s our afternoon.

With each of our WordPress website care plans, when you submit a support ticket, we guarantee that a real life human will respond to you within 4 hours.

And once we ascertain the issue, we’ll either fix it immediately or notify you if it will take a bit longer to fix.

We know that communication is the secret to all great relationships… which is why we’ll communicate with you relentlessly until the issue is resolved.

Go WPsupporters team 🙂

Yes, our WordPress maintenance packages are available to WordPress website owners globally.

Whether you or your website is located/hosted in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia, NZ, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai… or anywhere else… as long as it’s an English language website, we can look after it for you.

As many website owners are loyal to their hosting company, we’ve chosen not to offer hosting as a service, which means we’re super flexible by working with your existing hosting provider.

And this also means no downtime for your website, because we’ll simply take over the management of your website and all we need is your existing hosting login details.

However, if you’d like to setup new hosting for your website, we can certainly set this up for you with a top hosting company that we swear by.

If you’re a newbie, we know, it can be confusing!

While we have 3 plans, the best plan for your website is the ‘Performance’ plan as this (as the name suggests) will have your website performing optimally, 24/7/365.

Because one of the biggest factors in a website today is SPEED.

(There’s even a test you can use to test your website speed)

A fast-loading website is essential for two big reasons:

  1. Potential Customers – your website visitors ‘demand’ a fast loading website these days… and if they don’t get what they want… immediately or sooner… they’ll likely bounce back to google rather than wait for a slow website to load.
  2. SEO – one of Google’s website ranking factors is ‘speed’… which means that if your website loads too slow, google will literally ‘penalise’ your website by downranking it… meaning… your website will be pushed underneath your competitor’s websites in search engines (which ultimately leads to less visitors, less customers and less sales).

Therefore, of the 3 of our WordPress website maintenance plans, the Performance plan is certainly the smartest plan to go for.

However, if your budget doesn’t permit it, our other two plans will still give you peace of mind by keeping your website secure along with all the other benefits listed above in our plans comparison.

Our pricing is competitive with other WordPress maintenance agencies because we’ve kept the cost low to ensure it’s within reach of new WordPress website owners, beginners and intermediates whose businesses are just starting out.

Low prices with reliability means you get the expert support you need for years to come.

Yes, we can speed up your ecommerce website regardless of its size.

Whether you have an ecommerce store with a plugin like WooCommerce or any other plugin we can make your website load super fast.

See our plans below or setup a chat with one of our consultants…

Yes, if you’d like to speed up the loading time of a large WordPress website, we can make it happen.

We’re WordPress experts, so regardless of the size of your site, we can reduce your website loading time, ideally to under two seconds… so you’ll keep your customers and google happy!