What Does Website Maintenance Include?

Avoid Problems, Improve Your Website And Your Productivity By Outsourcing Your Website Maintenance

What Does Website Maintenance Include? Everything To Know 1

by Remco Nieuwenhuizen

Owner of WPsupporters

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what is included in website maintenance, this article reveals everything you need to know.

The amount and type of inclusions in website maintenance packages can be confusing and overwhelming.

But we’ve simplified it by outlining each of the various services as well as how they benefit you.

Let’s get into it with a quick outline of why it’s so important…

Why is website maintenance important?

Do you prioritize regular maintenance of our car to keep it running smoothly and avoid unwanted breakdowns?

When it comes to your website, you should have the same approach.

Websites are not self-sustaining entities and without proper upkeep, they can quickly develop problems.

Every website serves a purpose, whether this is to sell products, market a business, or share information.

If it is not running properly, the ability of a site to achieve this purpose is going to be compromised.

Website updates and maintenance ensure essential tasks are properly managed such as:

  • Monitoring site traffic
  • Updating content for better SEO
  • Keeping security up to date
  • Performance issues
  • Backing up your site
  • Site speed and more

It can be easy to brush off the importance of these website maintenance tasks, but let’s take a look at what can happen if your site is left to its own devices.

Problems You Avoid By Having Website Maintenance Support

On the face of it, website maintenance may seem like something non-urgent and less important than other aspects of running your business, however, this is not the case.

Without properly addressing the items listed below as part of an essential website maintenance checklist, you could be faced with one or more of these issues at any time, without warning.

Website Downtime

If your website suddenly becomes inaccessible or is unable to function properly, this is classed as downtime.

During these outages, you could be losing valuable sales, missing new leads, and essentially diverting potential customers to the competition.

Without proper monitoring, you may never know these outages are happening.

And without maintenance to keep things running as they should these outages are much more likely to occur.

Hacking Attempts

If your website is a valuable source of revenue for your business, the last thing you want is for it to be hacked.

When hackers access your site, they can redirect your customers to imposter sites or install malware or a virus on your website.

Being hacked could see you lose control of your website permanently as well as a huge hit to your reputation.

This could mean a long, expensive recovery or total loss of your business.

When you consider these possible outcomes the importance of website maintenance becomes very clear.

Malware Attacks

As mentioned above if a hacker gains access to your system in a targeted attack, they could install malware that not only affects visitors to your site but the functioning of your site itself.

Malware such as spyware, ransomware, spam bots, command and control and more could see valuable information such as passwords or banking information stolen.

This is why you need to take steps to ensure your site is not susceptible to these types of attacks.

Security Breaches

Both hacking attempts and malware attacks are classed as security breaches. Security breaches can be incredibly damaging to your business.

If you process purchases on your website, customer payment details can be stolen and leaked customer details are an incredibly serious issue.

No hacker should be able to gain access to this information.

The best way to avoid this is to keep on top of your site’s security, something that can only be done through regular, dedicated website security maintenance.

Website Crashes

Entirely more serious than an outage, a complete site crash can be a catastrophe.

Even for website maintenance and support experts, it can take a lot of time to discover the cause of a crash and restore the site to working order.

During this time you lose the ability to serve customers, make sales or market yourself.

Website Performance Issues

From broken website themes to plugin conflicts, outdated software, and more, all of these can lead to a host of performance issues.

Poor website maintenance examples include broken links, painfully slow loading times, text formatting problems, missing content, and more.

All of these issues negatively impact your site performance, whether this is its performance concerning functionality or ability to meet revenue goals there is no denying the connection between bad performance and lack of site maintenance.

So what is the solution?

Ultimately, keeping on top of your website’s performance through regular monitoring and maintenance is the best option.

Sudden emergencies such as security breaches or outages can largely be avoided by being proactive and implementing preventative maintenance.

What You Get With A Website Maintenance Support Team: All Inclusions Listed

Poor site maintenance is rarely an intentional thing. There can simply be too much on your to-do-list and this task gets pushed down the line

There is no doubt as a site owner you want your website to run well, but without the time or skill-set needed to manage this themselves, it can be an incredibly overwhelming task.

This is why monthly website maintenance packages are a smart investment.

You gain peace of mind that someone highly skilled and experienced is managing your site and keeping it running smoothly.

Meet WPsupporters.com…

What Does Website Maintenance Include? Everything To Know 2

If you have a WordPress website, the WPsupporters team has you covered 24/7

With an expert WordPress technical support team, your site will be monitored, maintained and kept up-to-date all year round.

Find out more >

Website maintenance plans offer comprehensive support across 12 key areas including:

1: Website Updates

As part of several routine checks, your site’s core CMS version will be updated when a new version is released. This helps to keep your site secure and running smoothly.

2: Theme & Plugin Updates

Alongside your core update, your site theme and all plugins are updated in line with the release of a new version. This means better site security and ensures all plugins are working without conflicts.

3: Google Analytics Setup

Your Google Analytics account and your Google Search Console account will be connected to your website.

This enables verification with Google and means your website statistics are available to view 24/7/365.

These statistics provide valuable insights into the performance of your website which can help improve its performance over time.

4: Website Speed Optimisation

Slow websites have high bounce rates because they’re incredibly frustrating for users

Your support team will work to keep your website page load speed lightning-fast for happy visitors and better SEO performance.

5: Database Optimisation

One of the most neglected activities when it comes to proper maintenance is your website’s database. An optimized database helps to support a fast and efficient site.

6: Malware/Virus Scanning

Your tech support team will perform a clean sweep to search for and remove any existing malware.

They should also take steps to block hackers and viruses from getting into your website for watertight security.

7: Website Backup/Files Backup

Safety is everything, and having your website backed up gives you valuable peace of mind.

This ensures your website can be quickly restored in a worst-case scenario and is a crucial step in protecting the progress of your website.

Starting over following the loss of a site is something few business owners ever want to face.

8: Uptime Monitoring

Keeping your website online means keeping leads and sales coming in.

A site maintenance team should actively monitor your site for downtime while also working to prevent any downtime or website breaks from occurring in the first place.

9: Website Security

All website maintenance plans should include the management of a reputable security plugin, preferably a paid plugin (not a free one), in order to access additional security features to improve website security.

This will keep your site locked down 24/7 and ensure you and your customers are safe from hackers exploiting private information.

10: Website Hosting Security Optimisation

In addition to having a premium security plugin, in some cases, your website tech team should also update your website hosting security.

This offers an additional layer of protection for your website and can help take care of any recurrent hacking issues.

11: Staging Website

Included in many website monthly maintenance fees is a staging site.

A staging site is a duplicate version of your website that sits on your existing hosting so that your site maintenance company can test new plugins, themes, and updates before making any changes to your live website.

This helps to maximize your site’s uptime and security and reduces the risk of technical issues.

12: Reporting

Even though you’ll have a tech support team, you’ll still want to keep up to date with what is happening.

A reputable maintenance agency will keep you informed of your website’s performance through consistent and honest weekly reporting.

This way you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your website is secure and performing optimally.

Need more support?

Most site maintenance agencies offer a website maintenance services list that allows you to pick and choose only the services you need.

The True Cost Of Do-It-Yourself Website Maintenance

Hoping to save money on your website maintenance costs?

It’s natural to want to save money in business, but sometimes saving money by doing things yourself can actually cost you money (it’s ‘hiding in plain sight’).

Let’s crunch some numbers to see what DIY website maintenance actually costs you…

The two considerations are:

  1. What is your hourly rate in your business?
  2. What is the monthly cost of a website maintenance service?

…then you can truly assess whether DIY website maintenance is costing you more than simply outsourcing your website maintenance, security, and speed optimization.

Let’s get started…

Firstly… What is the approximate hourly rate you’re paid for working in your business?

Eg. $50 p/hr, $150 p/hr?

Secondly… What is the monthly cost of hiring a monthly website maintenance provider?

Here are some general numbers…

  • Typical Starter Plan:  Around $20 p/mth
  • Typical Basic Plan:  Around $50 p/mth
  • Typical Medium Support Plan:  Around $100
  • Typical High Support Plan:  Around $150-$200 p/mth
  • Typical Premium Plan:  Around $250 p/mth and upwards

Thirdly… There’s also the ‘emotional cost’… the frustration, the confusion, the uncertainty that comes with the technical side of owning, fixing, maintaining, and optimizing a website.

The ‘emotional cost’ can well outweigh the actual financial cost of website maintenance.

So based on the numbers above…

Even if you have a premium level monthly plan at $250 p/mth…

If your hourly rate is $50 p/hr…

  • You spending 3 hrs p/mth on your website costs you:  $150 p/mth
  • You spending 5 hrs p/mth on your website costs you:  $250 p/mth
  • You spending 8 hrs p/mth on your website costs you:  $400 p/mth

If your hourly rate is $150 p/hr…

  • You spending 3 hrs p/mth on your website costs you:  $450 p/mth
  • You spending 5 hrs p/mth on your website costs you:  $750 p/mth
  • You spending 8 hrs p/mth on your website costs you:  $1200 p/mth

Not only that… you also need to factor in your ‘opportunity cost’.

Your opportunity-cost is: What income opportunities are you missing out on by working on your website when you could be spending that time on higher-dollar-productive tasks? (80/20 principle)

This is time that could be spent:

  • Marketing your business (potentially bringing in tens, hundreds or thousands of new customers)
  • Networking (potentially creating joint venture arrangements that benefit you financially for years to come)
  • Selling to prospects (direct 1-to-1 selling or one-to-many selling)
  • Supporting existing customers (keeping existing customers is cheaper than finding new ones)

Discovering the true cost of DIY website maintenance is something many business owners overlook.

And it’s not just about ‘maintenance’… it’s really about ‘optimization’.

Because if your website is optimized in terms of security and speed in particular, you’ll not only reduce your time spent fixing security issues such as hacking, website downtime, spam bot,s and viruses… but you also ensure you have a fast-loading website that is crucial for visitors and Google.


…because website page speed is an important google ranking factor.

So outsourcing your website maintenance, security, speed and editing is one of the easiest ways to stop working ‘in’ your business and start working ‘on’ your business (an essential key to true business growth as revealed in the book ‘E Myth’ by Michael Gerber.

E-Commerce Website Maintenance And Support

If your site is an e-commerce website, keeping it properly maintained is especially important.

As an online store, outages, speed issues, or security breaches could see your business stall or even fail.

Investing in e-commerce website maintenance packages is the single best way to protect your business.


A free WordPress plugin that delivers a simple but effective solution for online merchants, using WooCommerce on your site means site maintenance is an even bigger priority.

There are several different WooCommerce plugins both paid and free and knowing which ones are necessary for your site and keeping them consistently updated can be a challenge.

In the fast-paced and demanding world of online sales, your ability to boost profits and deliver an optimal customer experience is going to rely heavily on the proper operation of your site.

Currently, WooCommerce does not offer customer support by phone or email.

For this reason, it is vital to engage a team to work with you on your website’s monthly maintenance.

One that understands not only WordPress operations but WooCommerce specifically.


Formerly an independent platform, BigCommerce now also offers plugins for WordPress integration.

Similar to WooCommerce there are several options to select from but unlike WooCommerce, all of these are paid options.

Keeping on top of these plugins and keeping your store running smoothly without unnecessary added expense from too many paid plugins is something a site maintenance firm can assist with.

Just like WooCommerce maintenance, it can also support consistency in sales and revenue.

Website Maintenance Costs: What To Expect

Website maintenance cost per month is an important consideration for every business.

From domain name renewal to monthly hosting to plugins, CRM software, team communication apps and accounting software, there’s a lot to factor in.

The average website maintenance cost mostly depends on the site of your website and/or the size of your business.

Here is a general outline of a business’ monthly and annual website expenses…

Monthly Costs:

  • Website Hosting (anywhere from $10 to hundreds of dollars per month)
  • Payment Processor/Customer Billing, eg. Stripe, PayPal. (usually a monthly admin fee + a percentage of each transaction amount)
  • Team communication app (anywhere from $5 p/mth up to hundreds or more per month)

Annual Costs:

  • Domain Name Renewal (around $20 per year)
  • Plugins/Software – eg. SEO, Security, Speed, Chat Bot, Appointment Bookings, CRM (anywhere from $5 per month each up to hundreds of dollars per month for more sophisticated software)
  • Website Design (usually thousands per year)

Website Maintenance For Every CMS Platform

While WordPress is one of the leading CMS platforms used by business owners worldwide, we recognize that there are a host of other platforms to choose from.

In this section, we’ll connect you with options not only for WordPress site maintenance support, but experts in other platforms also.

WordPress Website Maintenance And Support Services

Based in the Netherlands, WPsupporters have over 15 years of experience delivering leading support and maintenance for WordPress site owners.

Offering comprehensive support for WordPress for as little as USD$56 per month, WPsupporters takes the stress out of keeping your site functioning at its best.

With a variety of plans to suit businesses of all sizes, WPsupporters guarantees to look after all your essential maintenance tasks with utmost efficiency and professionalism.

Contact WP Supporters today to discuss your WordPress support needs.

Squarespace Website Maintenance And Support Services

The Squarespace CMS platform is popular with Ecommerce businesses.

Unlike WordPress, Squarespace isn’t free, even for beginners, with four paid plans to choose from.

Additionally, as it is not open-source, it can be harder to modify code and create the site you need.

For help with Squarespace website maintenance in NYC or globally, you may like to contact one of the following three providers.

Square Flair

Agave Studio


Magento Website Maintenance And Support Services

Similar to Shopify, but open-source, Magento is a platform specifically for Ecommerce sites.

Where WordPress is general-purpose, users of Magento are confined to being purely Ecommerce based.

Considered quite complex and not necessarily beginner-friendly, most business owners opting to use Magento will need professional support to get up and running.

Options for paid support include.

Krish Techno Labs (for Magento website maintenance in Sydney)

Mage Monkeys


Webflow Website Maintenance And Support Services

Webflow is a lesser-known platform and one that uses a unique visual coding language.

This language takes time to get used to which can slow down maintenance.

It is also restrictive when it comes to anything Ecommerce so may not be suited to all users.

For support with Webflow maintenance, you can contact:


BX Studio


Joomla Website Maintenance And Support Services

An open-source content management system first developed in Australia, Joomla is mobile-ready and user-friendly.

Primarily used for publishing content and developing applications, its functionality is more limited than WordPress and it is known to be more costly than some other alternatives.

For Joomla website maintenance in Australia and overseas you may like to contact the following providers.




Drupal Website Maintenance And Support Services

Favored by tech giants Tesla, Drupal is an open-source, highly scalable platform.

This has made it a popular choice for large and complex organizations that experience high traffic and those that need to disseminate large volumes of data to their users (i.e. governments).

For help with the complexities of managing and maintaining a Drupal site, you can contact:

White Peak Digital

Droptica (for Drupal website maintenance in London)


Wix Website Maintenance And Support Services

A well-known competitor to WordPress, Wix is considered to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it great for beginners.

However, it lacks the more advanced customization options of WordPress.

An extremely low-cost option, there are minimal features and not much room to grow.

As with any website, however, it needs proper maintenance. You can access expert help via the following providers.

NB Media Solutions

Wix Create


Shopify Website Maintenance And Support Services

One of the most well-known Ecommerce platforms, Shopify is primarily for small businesses seeking to create a streamlined online store.

Unlike WordPress which delivers multiple solutions for a range of websites of all purposes, Shopify is exclusively for Ecommerce.

For professional maintenance and support with your Shopify store, you may like to contact one of the following providers.

Shopify Development Pros (ideal for Shopify website maintenance in Toronto)



What If I Just Want Once-Off Website Tech Support?

We get it, not all business owners are tech-averse and many manage their site maintenance well on their own.

From time to time, however, you may need a little extra support.

Perhaps you’re dealing with a persistent hacker or simply have too many deadlines to devote time to your site this month.

Are there options for once-off support and maintenance services instead of ongoing monthly website maintenance fees?

The answer is yes, there is.

While we recommend consistency in maintenance and ongoing site management we recognize that this is not suited to everyone.

For this reason, you may opt to reach out regarding the following services.

Once-Off Website Security Optimization

As we know, poor management of site security can leave you and your customers open to attack.

If you feel there are gaps in your security or want to up your security to match the growth of your site, then a once-off security optimization is ideal.

During security optimization, your site will be scanned for any security holes, a check will be done on all your plugins to ensure they are up to date and a review of the security of your hosting should also be performed.

Depending on which provider performs this once-off service for you, you may be billed as a set package price or an hourly rate for website maintenance.

Once-Off Website Speed Optimization

Slow website causing problems? A healthy WordPress website is one that runs exceptionally fast and without glitchy loading issues.

Website maintenance includes speed optimization as standard but it can also be done as a once-off task on a quarterly basis.

To enhance the speed of your site, one or more of the following elements will often be a factor…

These include:

  • Removing old/unwanted plugins
  • Updating existing plugins
  • Cleaning out your
  • WordPress database
  • Compressing oversize images
  • Optimizing your WordPress theme
  • Reducing external HTTP requests
  • Configuring Caching and more.

Just as with security optimization, the costs for once-off website maintenance pricing for speed optimization will depend on the provider selected.

Website Maintenance Packages

So what can you expect when it comes to website maintenance costs?

As outlined earlier, the costs of managing this yourself are nowhere near as cost-effective as you may think.

Worryingly, it can actually cost you more to do it yourself both financially and from a personal/emotional point of view.

In this section, we’ll review the reality of website maintenance fees across a variety of platforms.

By being upfront about these costs and collating them into one easy-to-access document, we hope to dispel the misconception of paid support being expensive or out of reach for business owners – especially when it comes to WordPress.

WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

Committed to helping business owners achieve their goals, WPsupporters offer four packages for WordPress website management and maintenance.

Our focus is on delivering optimal WordPress website health so you can focus on other key aspects of running a successful business.

Our packages start from EUR56 a month and feature 24/7 uptime monitoring and daily cloud back-ups as standard inclusions.

With our support, you can skip costly hosting downtime, avoid speed issues and enjoy optimal security among other great benefits.

Serving clientele globally, we can help with website maintenance in the UK, across Europe, the USA, Australia, South Africa, and beyond.

Squarespace Website Maintenance And Support Packages

Square Flair

Based in the US but serving customers globally, Square Flair offers Squarespace website maintenance and support for businesses of all sizes.

Preferring to tailor their prices to your unique needs, you’ll need to contact them for a free consultation for information on their website maintenance charges.

Agave Studio 

With scaled support and maintenance options for sites of different sizes, Agave Studio offers Squarespace monthly maintenance packages from USD250 per month up to USD1000 per month for their Ecommerce website maintenance services.


Website maintenance from an Australian-based team, support is available from AUD195 per month.

They also offer an hourly rate for website maintenance for once-off needs at AUD175 per hour.

Magento Website Maintenance And Support Packages

Krish Techno Labs 

With a global team of over 200, Krish Techno labs can assist with Magento website maintenance in Singapore just as readily as in the UK, India, or the US.

Their maintenance package costs are determined based on your business size, current challenges, and Ecommerce needs. They can also pair website hosting and maintenance for added ease if needed.

For pricing, contact their team directly.

Mage Monkeys

Offering once-off services or ongoing support via website maintenance at an hourly rate Mage Monkeys will tailor their support to meet your needs.

Choose from 40 hours per month up to 160 hours depending on your requirements.

To get started and discover prices, you’ll need to chat with their experts.


Offering website maintenance packages in the UK, wider Europe, and the US, Magebit is a recognized partner of Magento itself.

Prefering to create tailored packages where you only pay for the hours you use, their services are open 24/7 and to businesses of all sizes.

To discover your tailored package price, contact their team.

Webflow Website Maintenance And Support Packages


Based on an hourly rate, US-based experts Finsweet let you create the package price you prefer.

Work with your expert to determine what you want and only pay for the hours worked.

Their hourly rate for website maintenance starts from USD30 per hour.

To learn more, contact the Finsweet team.

BX Studio

With a variety of options, BX Studio’s packages are based upon the purchase of a set number of hours per quarter.

Start with 25 hours at USD150 per hour or for better value choose 100 hours at USD100 per hour.


Made up of a diverse team of experienced programmers, designers, SEO, and hosting experts, Crowdyflow offers monthly, hourly, and emergency after-hours maintenance and support plans.

Based in Asia, they are a great option for website maintenance in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Prices are tailored to meet the specific needs of your website and can be discussed directly with their team.

Joomla Website Maintenance And Support Packages


Australian-based website maintenance agency WebCircle are certified Joomla experts that are dedicated to helping clients maintain a healthy, functional website.

Able to combine the cost of website hosting and maintenance into one cost-effective package, your exact costs will be tailored to meet your needs.

You can chat with their team here to learn more.


Based in India, TechJoomla offers several packages that include both general support as well as JMail support, and access to paid Joomla plugins.

Whether you’re after Joomla website maintenance in Dubai, South Africa, the US, the UK, or Australia, their team can assist.

You can view their available packages here.


Offering a comprehensive maintenance plan for Joomla users, Edoorz is dedicated to keeping your website up-to-date, secure, and trouble-free.

Their charges for website maintenance are available via a free consultation.

Drupal Website Maintenance And Support Packages

White Peak Digital

Ideal for website maintenance in Brisbane where they are based, White Peak Digital also assists customers all over the world to maintain their Drupal sites.

With three care plans available starting at ‘base camp’ for AUD49 per month up to ‘Summit’ at AUD299 a month, White Peak’s team offers a fresh, practical approach to site maintenance that effectively protects your business and its customers.


With over a decade of experience managing Drupal sites, Droptica offers efficient, expert service with four separate maintenance packages to choose from.

Starting from EUR99 a month for their basic plan you’ll get peace of mind that your site is being professionally looked after.

For information on costs for website maintenance on higher tiers, you’ll need to contact their team.


An award-winning Drupal agency, Drupfan offers tailored website maintenance costs for the UK, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, and more.

With options for basic, professional, and enterprise support and maintenance you can match the right package to your needs and budget.

For an accurate website maintenance quote simply contact their team.

Wix Website Maintenance And Support Packages

NB Media Solutions

As official Wix partners, NB Media Solutions are the seasoned experts you can count on to manage your Wix site with ease.

They offer small business website maintenance packages from USD299 a month including SEO focus up to USD499 a month for a professional enterprise plan.

Wix Create

Experts in creative Wix design and top-tier maintenance, the team at Wix Create has monthly and annual plans to choose from.

Opt for USD85 a month on their more basic plan or for better value, their plan for annual website maintenance costs USD785 and comes with a host of added features.


Open to training business owners with tips on website maintenance and advising which tasks to perform regularly, they also offer comprehensive support if preferred.

Their website maintenance prices are geared towards small business owners seeking optimal support at the best price without compromising on care.

From USD97 a month, it’s an affordable solution that will keep your site running smoothly.

Shopify Website Maintenance And Support Packages

Shopify Development Pros 

Offering accurate, timely, and reliable support, the Canadian-based team at Shopify Development Pros are experts in all things Shopify.

Their Ecommerce website maintenance costs start at CAD140 per month for their starter package and up to CAD700 for their all-inclusive large-scale business package.


Dedicated to supporting Shopify site owners to grow their businesses, MakeBeCool offers monthly, quarterly, or pay-as-you-go Shopify maintenance to suit your preferences.

Based in Ukraine, they can supply website maintenance costs for Ireland, the UK, the USA, Canada, Asia, Australia, and more.

As certified Shopify developers, their team delivers prompt, accurate support with site ongoing monitoring guaranteed.

For more information on their website maintenance fees, you can reach their team here.


Highly experienced in Shopify sites, Website Express offers expert maintenance and support services for Shopify site owners.

They offer analysis, design tweaks, SEO, and more to help your business grow.

Their monthly website maintenance costs are determined based on your needs and preferences, you can learn more by contacting their team.


Do I need to sign a contract for website maintenance?

Not always. Depending on who you sign up with, website maintenance charges may be paid hourly or in monthly instalments with no lock-in contracts.

We recommend always reading the fine print and ensuring the plan you sign up for offers the flexibility to cancel if unhappy with the service or if the service is no longer required.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is the process of ‘keeping house’ for your website.

Think of it as a regular tidy-up that seeks to find any issues and resolve them, cleans out unwanted clutter, and ensures your site speed and security is optimized 24/7.

It involves being actively and consistently in the back end of your site looking for any problems and ensuring everything is running smoothly.

A website maintenance list could include tasks such as security checks, daily backups, database cleaning, file compression, and more.

How much does website maintenance cost?

There is no real average cost for website maintenance.

While many companies will offer a fixed package price, this is determined by only set tasks being performed.

Should you need additional support you may find there are added costs. This is also why many providers offer packages based on the hours required.

WPsupporters for example offer a set package price and should any added work be required in addition to existing website maintenance monthly costs this is discussed with clients on a needs basis.

How long does website maintenance take?

When it comes to the time needed for website maintenance, the scope of work involved is going to influence this.

For simple everyday tasks that can be completed quickly, it could be as little as an hour.

For more involved work such as database clean-ups, deterring brute force attacks, or in-depth security reviews it can take longer.

With regular maintenance, however, all these tasks are kept on top of so the time needed stabilizes.

Do I have to combine maintenance and hosting?

No, most website management providers will happily work with whatever hosting you are currently using.

Some providers will offer website maintenance and hosting as part of their services, but you do not have to switch to their hosting necessarily to avail of their maintenance services.

Wrapping Up

Website maintenance is a non-negotiable for today’s business owners.

The only real decision is to decide whether you want to attempt it yourself or work smarter by engaging expert help.

If you wouldn’t attempt your car’s regular service and see the value in booking a mechanic, then your site maintenance should be treated the same.

Working with an expert in WordPress maintenance and support (or any other platform) gives you the best opportunity to not only grow your site seamlessly and safely but give you valuable time back to focus on other important things.

Whether for business or personal reasons, your time (and sanity) is worth protecting.

To learn more about how WPsupporters can help you achieve balance in business through expert WordPress site maintenance click one of the following links…

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