White-label WordPress Maintenance Outsourcing?

Become a member of WP Supporters and get a 20% discount, your customers get our 24/7 attention.

WP Supporters works with design agencies, marketing companies and freelancers to provide simple and effective white label solutions. If your customer wants to change the website regularly, improve performance, need better security or any form of maintenance, let us do the hard work.

"I really love your team. I'm happy how you handle our customer requests. You always respond with a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge. So far, I have not heard a negative reaction from my client. Keep up the good work!"

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Businesscoach and designer

"WP Supporter has always been an excellent help. Before I had to find and hire freelancers if a client wanted to optimize the speed of his website. With your knowledge, I don't have to invest any more time with more difficult issues."

White Label WordPress Maintenance 2
Freelance webdesigner

"I have spent days researching a suitable partner to outsource my WordPress maintenance. Since the first contact with Remco, it immediately felt familiar. His team has a lot of knowledge in house and we can focus on our company".

White Label WordPress Maintenance 3
Owner marketing agency

Hire us for WordPress Maintenance

1: You sell our plans

You sell your customers one of our maintenance plans. You can offer everything that is included in a WP Support Plan to meet your customer needs. You can even add our prices to your own website.

2. We take care of the rest

Create a @yourcompany e-mail address for our helpdesk so that we can help your customers. The best thing is, they'll never hear from WP Supporters. All changes will be made in the name of your company.

3: Everybody happy

You get all the credit from your customer, we take care of the speed, safety, maintenance and weekly reporting (white label with your company name or logo) and your customers will be happy with the service. It's a win-win-win.

20% discount

If you register with more than 2 maintenance plans, you pay € 117.60 per month for our performance plan instead of € 147.00, € 77.60 instead of € 97.00 per month for our safety plan and € 37.60 instead of € 47.00 per month for our supporters plan!

Easy payments

Your customers pay you and you pay us. It's that simple. We will send you a monthly invoice to keep your administration in order. In this way, you maintain control over your customers and we work directly with your company.

Premium plugins

When you take over our white label maintenance plans, your customers get access to premium plug-ins such as iThemes Security Pro (worth $197), WP Rocket (worth $249) and WP Smush Pro (worth $600). Supporlicous!

Make extra profit

Our performance plan costs € 157.60 per month. If you sell 5 for € 250 / month, you will receive an extra € 5,544 each year without you having to make any effort.

Money back guaranteed.

Not satisfied with our services within 30 days? Don't worry, we'll just pay you back and put back the backup from before we started.


No more questions from customers who keep you from your work. Never have to do this or that again. You can fully focus on your work while we do the little tricky things.

White Label WordPress Maintenance 4

Remco Nieuwenhuizen

Head Supporter

"Our exclusive partner program isn't for everyone."

If you are looking for a partner you can push around, or a partner who you do not respect, then you are not at the right place.

If you are looking for a long term partnership and a technical partner to help you scale up your business, you have come to the right place.

You're ready for our white-label program if...

Let's do the tricky chores.