Everything you need to know how to backup your WordPress site to Dropbox

Check out how you can easily backup your WordPress site to Dropbox in three easy steps. Also, how to automate the backup process at regular intervals..

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by Remco Nieuwenhuizen

Owner of WPsupporters

Keeping a WordPress backup to Dropbox is a healthy way to keep your website secured. It’s the more straightforward and fastest way to restore the current version of your site in case of having a broken site.

The best part is, you can automate the backup process without spending extra time to perform this task manually.

Luckily, you can take advantage of the WordPress Dropbox plugin to automate the process by scheduling a WordPress backup at certain times.

Bear with me, and I’ll show you everything how to backup your WordPress site to Dropbox and why it is essential.

Why should you choose Dropbox as the ultimate WordPress backup solution?

Now, you must be thinking about why we should choose Dropbox for backing up our WordPress site instead of using any other cloud storage solution? Well, there are plenty of options out there to store your backups. Yet, we always recommend cloud storage because it enables you to store your data on a remote server and easily access your data from anywhere, anytime.  We recommend using Dropbox to back up your site because it’s free to use and an excellent way to start when looking for an affordable solution. Secondly, you’ll get 2GB of free space for storage, and when you have consumed this free storage, you can reach the paid versions costing you $8.99/month. Here are some of the other key benefits of using the Dropbox tool;

  • You can automate WordPress backups and directly sync files from app to Website
  • It works perfectly fine with all kinds of operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Blackberry.
  • You can share the file with other dropbox users with the “view only” option.

When we go with other WordPress backup solutions, the site’s backup is most likely stored on the same server where your site is being hosted. That’s not safe from a security point of view because if your site gets hacked or your server goes down, it won’t be possible to access your site data.

However, if you choose Dropbox cloud server, a copy of your WordPress site will be stored on an entirely different server at a different location, so you don’t need to worry if your site gets hacked or your file system gets corrupted.

Another benefit is that if you are using a WordPress dropbox backup plugin to do the backup process, you are going for a hands-free option to carry on the backup process instead of relying on your own or someone else to monitor the backup process. That’ll definitely add up to the cost of keeping your site safe and secured, so if you schedule your WordPress backup process by using a plugin, it’ll minimize your cost, then hiring someone to do the service for you.

Moreover, when your site starts growing, gradually, you’ll add more images and data to your site that’ll occupy more space on your server.  Also, you’ll be storing more backups on the same server, so it might affect your site’s performance.

Easy way to back up a WordPress site to Dropbox: step by step guide

The easiest way of automating WordPress backups to Dropbox is by using a WordPress dropbox plugin.  But before getting that plugin, ensure that you have installed Dropbox and it’s up and running. So, in case you haven’t done it, set up one and start following our one-by-one step.

Step1: Install a WordPress backup plugin

There are several well-reputed WordPress backup plugins to help you with backing up your Website. These plugins are free to download, and the premium versions have more advanced functionalities. Some of the plugins are UpdraftPlus, WPvivid, BackupBuddy, and BlogVault. Each one is perfect to go with, but we are using the UpdraftPlus plugin in this tutorial because it’s user-friendly and has an automatic backup option in its free version, so it’s going to be a perfect affordable solution if you are starting.

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UpdraftPlus is one of the most reliable and popular WordPress plugins that can create copies of your WordPress files and database within no time. Moreover, you can schedule backups at your preferred intervals. Furthermore, UpdraftPlus is ideally in line with most of the cloud storage, including Dropbox.                  

The premium version is packed with more valuable features such as website cloning, more storage option at multiple destinations like OneDrive, Azure, BlackBlaze, etc.

Let’s jump on to our next section, where we’ll show you how to connect UpdraftPlus with Dropbox.

Step2: Configure UpdraftPlus with Dropbox

First, download the UpdraftPlus from the WordPress repository and pair it with Dropbox from the settings section.

Go to Dashboard >settings > UpdraftPlus backups          

In the settings section, you’ll see different options for remote storage. Now select Dropbox.

install dropbox

When you have selected your desired remote location, you’ll be asked which files you want to keep in the file backups. Keep on checking which files you want to keep and which ones should be excluded. Also, you can set rules to leave specific files.      

schedule backups

Updraft will select all of the files or folders in your WordPress site to include the backup files. Therefore, before carrying out the installation procedure, set the exclusion rules.

select files and folders

Now you’ll be redirected to authenticate your Dropbox account. Follow the link given in the popup window.

Once you are done with the authentication process, click on the login link.

dropbox confirmation

After confirmation, Dropbox will be authorized to save your data, and you’ll be redirected to WordPress.


Step 3: how to create a full backup of your WordPress site to Dropbox

This is the final step to create a backup of your WordPress site and save it to Dropbox by following the steps given below;

Go to: Settings > UpdraftPlus Backups > Backup / Restore. Now click on the “Backup Now” button to start the process.

Backup now

The procedure can take a few minutes to longer depending upon the data of your Website. Once the process is over, a copy of your recent backup file will be visible under Existing Backups.

existing backup storage

How to automate the backup process?

Now, I’ll explain in detail how you can automate the backup process, which can be initiated at pre-scheduled intervals only.

Head for the UpdraftPlus setting page, look for the “File backup schedule, “and set the dropdown to your required interval. Then follow the same procedure for the Database backup schedule.

database backup schedul

There’s another option to limit the number of backup copies so you might not run out of space due to frequent backup copies. But ensure to keep a few of the most recent copies of your data so you might not face any difficulty when you need a backup of your site.

Are there any disadvantages of saving your WordPress backups to Dropbox?

Even though there are plenty of advantages of keeping a WordPress backup to dropbox, there’s nothing on earth that doesn’t have any disadvantages. The same goes with dropbox as your WordPress backup storage. Here’re some of the disadvantages you must check-in before using Dropbox medium for your backups.

Limited storage option with the free version:

You’ll get only a 2GB storage option with the free version, which is quite insufficient for even a small WooCommerce store or a business site with lots of data. Once this free storage limit is consumed, you’ll be bearing the extra cost of paying for a backup plugin + Dropbox pro plans.

Security issues

There’s a significant security threat if your Website gets hacked and has a plugin with direct access to your Dropbox account. It may result in a huge security risk because your Dropbox might be containing sensitive information such as your payment details, WordPress login account, and email addresses.

The inability of getting real-time Woocommerce backups

It’s a big drawback that even with the paid plugins, you won’t be able to get real-time backups because you’ll be getting full-time backups at your scheduled time, and if your Website is compromised in between two scheduled backups, you’ll possibly lose all of the data in that gap.

Difficult to Restore data from .zip file

It isn’t easy to restore your Website using a backup from a file on Dropbox. It’s not particularly difficult to restore your site from Dropbox but any .zip file other than Dropbox.    

Wrapping up

Automating your WordPress backups using Updraft can be a hassle-free solution. It’s the most convenient way to keep an updated copy of your WordPress site’s backup. However, as we mentioned restoring a website from Dropbox backup can be a real pain in the neck. Even the most popular paid plugins other than UpdraftPlus can fail to fully restore your website because sometimes the backup taken was corrupt or may be due to a timeout error. 

Manual backup of your WordPress site is another time-consuming job because you’ll need to install an FTP client such as FileZilla to link to your Website.  Either way, if you find it challenging to deal with the backup options or have a bad experience with backups of your WordPress site, we recommend contacting WPSupporters Experts, who’ll help you diligently keep a secured and stress-free backup of your WordPress website.

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