What should be included in WordPress Care Plan?

WordPress care plans help to maintain a website. Check out what must be included /offered in WordPress maintenance plans

What should be included in WordPress Care Plan? 1

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WordPress or WP is one of the renowned Content management systems globally. More than 30% of the world’s websites are powered by it. That’s why developing WordPress-based websites is still an in-demand skill in the digital world.

However, getting a website done is one thing, and regularly maintaining it is another. WordPress developer agencies usually finish off the project after developing the WordPress website, whereas maintenance is not offered after completing the project.

Besides that, maintaining a website becomes tough and time-consuming on your own. Because even though the Web hosting companies promise to keep an uptime of 99% but the truth is your website may face downtime several times in a year. Alongside maintaining a consistent uptime, you’ll need to take care of backups, security, themes, and plugins updated to keep them updated to the latest SEO trends. Therefore, it’ll require extra time to learn how to manage things rightly, but also, you’ll have to spend extra money to maintain all of these things in place.  

Luckily, there’s a way to counter this issue. You can hire a WordPress Care agency plan who’ll ensure everything in place, and you need not worry about these maintenance issues at the cost of your night sleep.

WordPress care plans are offered separately by the same Web development agencies to make the job of web maintenance as easy as possible.

Wpsupporters provide top-notch WordPress maintenance services with three maintenance service packages and money back guarantee. The maintenance plans includs website edits, website backups, security issues, Themes and Plugins updates, and general WordPress support. So, if you want to take off any WordPress related tasks off your shoulders, consider signing up for any of the monthly package at your convenience.

What services should be offered in a WordPress care plan by agencies and the benefits of hiring a WP care agency by clients? All these points are discussed in this post below.

Why should you hire a WordPress maintenance agency?

WordPress website requires a lot of care and maintenance. The work isn’t finished when the site is complete. That’s because, WordPress as CMS is going through regular updates known as the core updates, and the same applies to the plugins and themes directory. WordPress care plans are one of the ways through which all this extra but important website work related to WordPress web development can be handled.

This would also help you focus on your other business activities with more freedom and focus, as the entire task is assigned to a WordPress care agency. It means that not only would you be able to enjoy the perks of a professional website, but you would also have to make less effort and time worrying about the web maintenance and updates.

Moreover, maintaining site on your own can become a lot of hassle especially if it requires additional WordPress web development work. Most of the times, a site requires some sort of programming at the backend in case of a new core update or a change in the plugin or theme.

This makes it even more important for finding the right agency to do the maintenance job. Doing so would ensure a functional and smooth-running website for your business without facing any downtime.

What to look for in a potential WordPress Care Plan?

There is no set standard of what WordPress maintenance plans include. Some services are a must, but most agencies also include something extra to take you by surprise. A near to perfect examples of WordPress website maintenance plans can include the following services:

  • WordPress Core, Plugin & Theme Updates
  • Regular Site Backups
  • Keeping Website Safe
  • Support & Troubleshooting
  • Optimizing and tracking web performance
  • Removing Malware
  • Content Edits & Updates

Let’s briefly discuss all these seven WP care plan services below:

1. Regular Plugin and Theme Updates

WordPress website needs regular updating regarding Core, plugins and themes. It is essential for keeping the security in check and to provide new features. However, this is quite tiring for the website owners to do it on their own, especially if the site has a good number of plugins installed.

Easy Updates manager plugin

Website maintenance in installing all the updates regarding core, plugins, and theme is a must when it comes to the WordPress care plans. The development agency checks the client’s site for regular updates and execute them as soon as they come. They can also automate the process with the use of WP plugins. There are plugins available to check for updates, such as Easy Updates Manager . It would do the job of finding the regular updates.

The plugin helps to detect timely updates for WordPress core, themes and plugins. It would also record errors in its logs to refer to that may arise from WordPress core, plugin or theme update.

Wpsupporters provide top-notch WordPress maintenance services with three maintenance service packages and money back guarantee. The packages include website edits, website backups, security issues, Themes and Plugins updates, and general WordPress support. So, if you want to take off any WordPress related tasks off your shoulders, consider signing up for any of the monthly package at your convenience.

2 . Regular Site Backups

updraft plus plugin

Regular site backups are crucial for all WordPress websites. This helps to restore the website to the current state in the state of any emergency. Creating a database and file backups are a must for WordPress care plans. Again, there are WP plugins available to do. One such plugin goes by the name of UpdraftPlus .

The plugin helps automate the site backup process and saves the files on multiple cloud-based storage platforms such as Google Drive or Dropbox .

The storage space of your website doesn’t come that simple. If an agency saves all the vital WordPress Website updates and backup data in the website’s admin account, their hosting space will finish up quickly. Therefore, an additional storage solution is required by the agencies to solve this issue. This can increase the price of WordPress care plan accordingly.

3. Website Security

Keeping a WordPress website safe is a standard WordPress care plan service. Site security involves different activities, so you have to know which security aspects of your website is the agency responsible for? 


The agency can always check for Malware scans through automated plugins such as Sucuri . This plugin ensures the following for your website:

Checks for File integrity

WordPress web files are scanned frequently for changes. This means that it checks the files if the code is changed, deleted, or added by the hackers.

The plugin detects if a site has been blacklisted due to security issues. This helps the web programmers to take a step in trying to fix the web security.

Auditing Activity

 The plugin also records the login attempts, file uploads and web updates in documents to restore the website to its potential in an emergency.

4.Troubleshooting and Care Support

WordPress uses strong support from its developers and community forum. However, the most of the WordPress Website owners are constantly guessing what the next level for website security is.

A WordPress professional agency offers customer support as part of their contract. This additional service in agency care plans guides you accordingly to develop a trustworthy agency client relationship.

For new clients, the agencies need to understand how they need help. Most care agencies can communicate through support tickets and emails. Customer Support can also include phone calls and live chat options. Most of the website owners are searching for 24/7 access to customer support. However, this is not possible for the WP professionals to be available all the time.


This is a reason why the agencies rely on tools for handling communication.

Botsify is a great tool to use for live chat. It generates answers for the programmers and sends notifications when complex issues arise. Jump in online and share the perfect solution with users. This would surely satisfy you as a WP client.

5. Web Performance Optimization and Tracing

Site speed is one of the SEO ranking factors in search engines. As a matter of fact, website’s loading speed affects its performance, usability and search visibility. Every website owner is looking to achieve the perfect speed test score. This is quite helpful when monitoring the site’s uptime. Web optimization and tracking are high-end services of a WP care plan. It may cost a little extra but I’d worth it as it enhances your site’s performance and search visibility.

page speed insight

Agencies use Google’s PageSpeed insights for measuring client site speed. The Pagespeed sights share the following areas for improving site loading time and speed:

  • Reducing media files
  • Compressing CSS and JS
  • Using Browser Cache
  • Deleting unused themes and plugins Always look for speed optimization when hiring a service for WordPress care plans . It may be an extra service with additional cost to add to a regular WP care plan, but it is worth it to make your site more functional.


6. Malware Removal

Monitoring and ensuring security are tasks that should be a part of any WordPress care and maintenance plan. However, malware removal is expensive, so look for a care plan that is priced appropriately. However, agencies are always encouraging you as a client to pay for it by ensuring regular security, backups and an updated WP core.

That’s because the Malware attacks are also crucial for some web owners, especially when it comes to cleaning a site after a cyberattack. All such customers are wise enough to invest in a WordPress care plan with a backup option in an emergency.

Since malware removal is quite time-consuming, only a professional web care agency can remove viruses and malware from the client site. It can become quite time-consuming if you choose to do it on your own.


You can outsource all such tasks to a web development agency. The web agencies configure plugins such as Malcare , a powerful WordPress security plugin. It only takes a minute to install and provides 24/7 protection against hidden malware. It eliminates security features through the Auto-clean feature. The agencies also use premium plugins such as Sucuri premium plugin options to ensure website security and to help you site stand out from the rest of the competition.

7. Content Updates

Another essential service you need to look for in your WordPress care plans is content updates and content edits. This can include using content in text and images to create different web pages such as an About page, installing a new plugin, or switching a site to a new theme.

Content updates can also involve work related to broken links, optimize images and website speed in addition to tweaking other website areas such as clients’ web usability. This can also enhance a site’s SEO as Google loves fresh content and content is the king in the SEO world.

However, the custom content building services are not a part of regular WordPress maintenance plans and are charged separately with an additional fee. But its worth it.

What are the benefits of hiring a WordPress Web Care Plan Agency?

Managing a large number of websites can become daunting to handle on your own or even if you are a small business. You can perfectly handle the web maintenance by choosing an agency for the WordPress care plans. Given below are some of the advantages of hiring a WordPress website care plans agency:

1. Streamlines responsibilities & saves necessary time

A WordPress web care plan agency would streamline your responsibilities by automating some of the work through plugins. Some of the essential plugins include Easy Updates Manager , UpdraftPlus and Scuri Security. To rule out the chance of errors that can arise due to automation, these agencies keep skilled WordPress developers whose job is to fix all such errors manually that can appear even when the plugins are installed.

2. Makes Website Secure

The agency would also take care of the website security and make sure your site stays safe from all sorts of malware and cybersecurity attacks.

3. Content Update

You would no longer have to worry about spending time working on the website content, mending broken links and image optimization. From the headings to addition or deletion in the content would be handled by the experts of a WordPress care plan agency.

4. Increases Brand Awareness and Business Potential

In case you are a freelance EordPress developer, you can also hire some agencies which can work autonomously and give all the credit for managing a site to you. This would indeed promote your brand name in the market for successfully managing and maintaining websites.

5. Gives More Room to Focus on Important Business Decisions & Management

This also helps in spending quality time working on critical business events and meetings instead of just shaping up your company website all the time.

Bottom Line

Working on WordPress websites is challenging and time-consuming. However, it is not easy to maintain and protect these against the looming cyberattacks. Fortunately, WordPress care plans agencies take care of the entire burden of web maintenance and security from your shoulders. If you are doing it independently or have a small business, you can search for the set of skilled developers, to handle it all for you.

A typical WordPress care plan must include all the basics of site backups, updates, and security. But to beat your competition, you need to look for a WordPress care plan agency that has more features such as performance and speed optimization, content editing and updates and troubleshooting to further enhance your website.

Look for the professional WordPress care plan agencies to work on your web maintenance. Doing so would surely enhance your work performance and add to your business revenue through a more optimized and a well-maintained website. Our experts at WPsupports provide excellent WordPress Care services to our clients and you can consult with them about any troubleshot or help regarding WordPress maintenance. Check out WordPress Care plans here. 

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