WordPress Maintenance Germany: Expert Support For Busy Or Non-Techie Website Owners

Reliable Outsourced WP Website Support Options (Free & Paid)

Looking for professional WordPress support in Germany from one of Europe’s leading WordPress maintenance agencies?

With more than 1.7M WordPress websites in Germany, your first priority should be to outrank your competitors in Google by having a secure, fast-loading website.

With website page speed now being an official google ranking factor, it’s no longer a matter of choice, but necessity.

With trustworthy support for your WordPress website:

  • You’ll be able to focus entirely on your business without worrying about your website
  • You’ll have a fast-loading website (maybe even the fastest in your industry)
  • You’ll have protection in place against spam bots, viruses, malware and hackers
  • Your plugins and WordPress version will be updated continually so your site performs optimally 24/7/365

We don’t just ‘babysit’ your website, we secure and optimize it so you’re in the best position to outperform your competitors.

How good does that sound?

Why is an expert maintenance team so crucial for your WordPress website?

Because WordPress is free, there are several other unfortunate ‘prices’ to pay for the privilege of using a free website software platform (known as a CMS – Content Management System).

These include:

Security problems – with over 40% of the world’s websites using WordPress, it’s a popular target for spammers, malware, viruses and hackers

Speed – with website page speed now an official Google ranking factor, if your website loads slowly it will negatively impact your google rankings, resulting in less potential customers.

Maintenance – with WordPress and hundreds of thousands of 3rd party plugins being updated continually, expert website maintenance is essential to keep your website live online.

So whether you run a business locally in Germany, a Germany-wide site or an international site that’s based in Germany, getting your site’s security, speed and maintenance working optimally can be crucial to the success of your business.

When Is The Best Time To Hire A WordPress Maintenance Company?

The ideal time to get help with your WordPress site is as soon as it’s live in Germany or to the world.

Just like if you owned a retail shop where you’d have cleaners, window washers and perhaps a handyman to keep your premises in tip top shape… it’s the same with your website.

Getting your website in tip top shape means making it secure, making it fast and keeping it up-to-date.

Because as your business grows, you get busier and the first thing that suffers is usually your website.

Plugins become out of date which opens your site to potential hacking, not to mention possible conflicts between your WordPress version and any outdated plugins.

Then there’s your website content which becomes outdated too, let alone not having time to plan and publish new website content, which causes your google rankings to drop.

Now competitors can sneak in above you in the rankings and take the customers that should have been yours.

So ultimately, the small cost of monthly WordPress support is far outweighed by the potential loss in new business.

On the flip side, if your site is performing optimally, you can actually gain a lot more new customers if:

  • You’re outranking your competitors in Google.de
  • Your website loading time is much faster than your competitors (which keeps people on your site longer too)
  • You lower the risk of your website being hacked and going offline for hours or days

Regardless of whether your business is local within Germany in one of the major business centres like Berlin, Hamburn, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt or Munich, or if you’re targeting a global audience, having your site secure and fast should be your number one priority.

Free WordPress Support In Germany

Across Germany, from Cologne to Stuttgart, Dortmund, Essen or Leipzig, there are many local WordPress meetup groups, online groups and forums to access free support.

Here are several forums and groups that are a good starting point…

WordPress.org Support Forum – the official free WordPress forum… along with local meetup groups and FAQs.


WordPress Support Group

WordPress Meetup Berlin
WordPress Meetup Köln
Hamburg WordPress Meetup
WordPress Meetup Mannheim
WordPress Meetup Dortmund
WordPress Meetup Leipzig
WordPress Meetup Karlsruhe
WordPress Meetup Aachen

From Schleswig-Holstein to Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Bremen, Brandenburg, Berlin, Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Sachsen, Thüringen, Hessen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Baden-Württemberg and Bayern, there are lots of support options.

You can get free German WordPress support using the websites and groups we’ve listed above.

Just remember, with free support you’ll still be responsible for fixing any problems yourself.

Even though these resources are valuable for general information, you’ll still need to have a decent level of knowledge and know-how to fix any website problems.

Paid WordPress Website Support For German Businesses

Who Are WPsupporters?

WPsupporters are a WordPress maintenance agency located in The Netherlands helping German website owners secure, speed up and maintain their WordPress website at peak performance.

We’re English-speakers…and support customers worldwide.

But for German customers, we’re neighbours 🙂

(You might be able to see our office on a clear day?)

Our founder, Remco Nieuwenhuizen, founded WPsupporters in 2018 after having been in the IT industry for years and noticing how WordPress website maintenance could (and should) be handled so much better!

The rest is history and WPsupporters is now one of Europe’s leading WordPress maintenance agencies supporting German website owners as well as American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, South African and other European website owners..

How To Get Started Today

Getting help with your WordPress site maintenance can begin today in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose A Support Planchoose from one of our 4 expert support plans.(Or view them in the table below…)
  2. Initial Scanning And Setup – we’ll scan your site to check for any existing problems to fix, and at the same time we’ll setup your account and maintenance schedule.
  3. Sit Back And Relax – we’ll keep you up to date every week about updates we’ve made, and how your site is performing.

Owning a WordPress website shouldn’t mean having more stress on your plate… which is where the WPsupporters team can help… reducing stress, increasing certainty and backing you up with the tech side of your business.

WordPress Maintenance Plans

Choose a plan above to get started or to keep reading, click on one of the following buttons…



59 36
EUR / Month


122 96
EUR / Month


186 56
EUR / Month


313 76
EUR / Month
WordPress Updates WordPress Maintenance Germany 1
We will update and test your plugins, theme, and core files manually every week.
WordPress Support WordPress Maintenance Germany 1
We help you with all your WordPress issues. Create a ticket in our support system and we will help you as soon as possible.
Performance scan WordPress Maintenance Germany 1 We make a performance scan worth $250 (Approx €250) of your website by checking it on more than 150 points. We will proactively implement improvements and send a transparent performance report afterwards.
24/7 Uptime Monitor WordPress Maintenance Germany 1 Our uptime monitor monitors your website 24/7. If the site goes offline, we immediately check what is going on to get the site back online as soon as possible.
$500 premium plugins WordPress Maintenance Germany 1
We use many premium plugins that you can use for free. For an overview, please send us an email.
Weekly Reports WordPress Maintenance Germany 1
Every week we send a transparent overview of our activities. View a sample rapport.
Cloud Backups WordPress Maintenance Germany 1 We make a backup of your site and store it at an external location (AVG proof) so that we can always restore a backup in case of emergency.
1x Daily
2x Daily
4x Daily
4x Daily
GA4 integration WordPress Maintenance Germany 1
We integrate Google analytics 4 into your website in the right way. We will also show an overview in our weekly reports.
Link analysis WordPress Maintenance Germany 1 We keep track of all links on your website and will notify you if there are any “broken links” that could harm your SEO.
Security software WordPress Maintenance Germany 1 We install security software on your site and configure it optimally so that it becomes very difficult for hackers to gain access.
Malware removal WordPress Maintenance Germany 1 If your WordPress site has been compromised we will clean up the mess and help you strengthen your site security so it won’t happen again.
Database cleaning WordPress Maintenance Germany 1 We will keep your database free of redundant data such as spam comments, revisions and other tables.
Website edits WordPress Maintenance Germany 1 We make the changes you would like to make to your website.
1H Monthly
2H Monthly
4H Monthly
Premium support WordPress Maintenance Germany 1 In addition to the usual support, we give our performance package customers priority in our emergency support and we will usually respond within the hour.
WooCommerce help WordPress Maintenance Germany 1
In addition to the usual support, we help you with your WooCommerce webshop.
Speed ​​Optimization WordPress Maintenance Germany 1
We will speed up the website with a maximum of 2 seconds as a starting point. We use the speed test of GTmetrix.
Image Optimization WordPress Maintenance Germany 1 We will compress your images and create new .webp extension images to reduce your data even more.
Staging site WordPress Maintenance Germany 1 To ensure the continuity of the website, we will first test all updates on a staging website before doing this live.

Enterprise WordPress Maintenance

Are you working for a large organisation with multiple WordPress websites that you’d like to outsource the management of to simplify your I.T. team’s workload? We offer customised plans for large organisations so that you can focus on your core business and not have to worry about the maintenance and updating of your WordPress websites. Book a call with our team today to discuss how it can work for your organisation…
To discuss tailor-made solutions. V.A. €750+ per month.

For Enterprise WordPress Support, book a call with us to discuss your requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign a contract?

No, as a customer of WPsupporters you don’t need to sign a contract and you can cancel anytime by sending us an email.

How do I know which updates have been made on my websites?

At the end of every week we’ll email you a report listing the updates we’ve made on your website.

You’ll have full confidence that your website is being looked after, kept updated and online 24/7/365.

Do you offer website editing as part of your monthly maintenance packages?

Yes, our ‘Secure’ plan offers 1 hour of website editing as part of your monthly maintenance package.

If needed, you can buy additional support hours as and when needed to have existing content updated or new content published.

Do you offer emergency website support?

When you’re a client of WPsupporters, the chances of a website emergency are slim as we put measures in place to protect your site from security violations.

Our office hours are 9am – 5pm (CET – Central European Time), Monday to Friday.

If you have an emergency during that time you can contact us alerting us to the fact you have a website emergency and we’ll get onto it usually within 2 hours, often sooner.

Having said this, there are two common causes for a website emergency that are above and beyond our services, and they are: Website Hosting and Domain Name Renewal.

Your hosting company may face issues or may have unknown issues that cause your website to go offline, sometimes for just a few minutes, sometimes for hours or days.

That’s why we have in place an ‘uptime monitor’ that monitors your website 24/7 to ensure it’s live online.

The second reason is domain name renewal.

Maybe you missed the renewal email or you forgot to renew it in time… in either case, your website may go offline.

This is where out uptime monitoring service is worth its weight in gold… by alerting us to the fact your site is offline.

And if domain name renewal is the issue, we can quickly alert you so that your site will be back online in no time.

Outside of these common issues, we’re behind you for 99% of any potential emergency issues you may face as a website owner.

How do I submit a support ticket if I notice something wrong with my website or would like some new content added or edited?

You can just email us at support [at] wpsupporters.com, contact us or message us within your customer dashboard and we’ll get back to you shortly letting you know the issue is fixed or request more information about an issue.

Do you have a different question? …please send us a message.

Ready to enjoy all the benefits of having your website maintained by the WPsupporters team?

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