WordPress Security Services

Instant Peace Of Mind For WordPress Website Owners Who ‘Hate’ Techie Security Stuff And Just Want To Focus On Their Business

Would you like to secure your WordPress website but don’t know where to start?

Or perhaps you’ve installed a WordPress security plugin and find it confusing with all the technical terminology and seemingly endless list of settings and options to choose from?

Don’t worry, it’s hard to know what-does-what with WordPress security because there’s so much to it!

And it’s frustrating because even though you’ve installed a security plugin, you still worry if you ‘did it right’, and if your website is even secure after all that heartache.

Life and business shouldn’t be so difficult and annoying!

If you’d rather just focus on the important things in your business like advertising, selling and supporting your customers… having expert-level security services for WordPress will put your website and your mind at ease.


Website Security For WordPress Is FAR More Than Installing a Security Plugin

Strengthening WordPress security is an essential component of keeping your website protected online.

But, what do you do when you don’t know what to do to secure your website?

Install a plugin!

Then… you just ‘hope’ it prevents hackers, bots, malware, DOS attacks and more…right?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

There’s several ‘extra’ layers of security that your security plugin simply doesn’t handle in most cases.

For example…

  • Does your security plugin allow you to create a new login page instead of using the default ‘Wordpress Admin’ page login. (yourwebsite.com/wp-admin)
  • What about preventing use of the username ‘admin’ which hackers love to target?
  • Then there’s your password – sure, ‘john123’ or ‘jane22may1973’ is easy to remember, but it’s also easy to bypass for hackers and bots.
  • And if hackers get access to your WordPress database, say goodbye to your website.

You get the picture.

Leaving your website security to a security plugin is a bit like leaving your front door security to the flimsy default lock.

It will keep the honest people out, but for the real crooks, it’s as easy as opening a refrigerator door.

What Exactly Does a WordPress Security Management Service Include?

Ok, if techie stuff bores you… you can skip this section 🙂

Here’s the boring but necessary part about website security for WordPress…

On day one of being a valued WPsupporters customer, we’ll start with a…

WordPress Security Audit

A security vulnerability scan of your website will uncover any existing ‘gremlins’ in your WordPress website that are doing naughty things behind your back.

A deep malware scan will reveal if any critters got into your system before we came along.

If there’s any existing WordPress security issues, we’ll find them, remove them and optimise your website’s database so you start with a clean slate.

We’ll also edit your site’s htaccess file to add a further security layer of protection to your website.

Those cyber sleuths won’t stand a chance against your website’s hardened Alcatraz-level security.

WordPress Security Plugin Optimisation

Ok, so you have an existing security plugin such as Wordfence, All In One Security or iThemes Security… but as mentioned above, the sneaky spammers can still break through.

But as a valued WPsupporters customer we’ll upgrade your security plugin to the paid, premium version of iThemes Security… free of charge as part of your monthly WordPress maintenance plan.

In some cases, we’ll also make improvements to your website hosting security to keep the naughty people and their naughty viruses out of your website.

If they’re not on your payroll, they don’t deserve access to your website, correct?

WordPress Theme Security

One common doorway that pesky bots and hackers target your website is through your website’s theme.

So annoying!

Which is why complete WordPress support services should include either adding security fixes to your existing theme, or in some cases, updating your site with a preferred secure theme.

WordPress Login Security

One of the first steps in keeping out would-be website intruders is to make it impossible for them to login.

Which is why one of our security recommendations is to have ‘2-Factor Authentication’… which is a technical way of saying ‘two login verifications’.

The first login verification will be just logging into your WordPress website as normal, and when you do this it will trigger a second authentication confirmation on your smartphone to verify that it’s really you who’s logging in.

Expert WordPress management services begin and end with security as it’s the foundation of every good website.

Daily WordPress Security Scans And Updates

As part of the WordPress ‘Secure’ and ‘Performance’ plans we offer, we’ll also do daily scans of your website to ensure the locks are on, the alarm is set and the infrared laser beams are active 🙂

No one in… no one out!

WordPress Form Security

Have you ever been bombarded by a spammer’s bogus submissions of your website’s contact form?

Not any more… because as a WPsupporters customer we’ll also lock your website forms down too, so that only legit leads come through.

We’ll include anti-spam protection measures to stop spam messages from even being submitted… so you can look forward to only getting new business leads from your website from now on..

Hacked Website Repair Service

If your website has been hacked and you’d like it fixed asap to remove a virus or malware and have your website fully restored, this is an additional service we offer above and beyond our monthly maintenance plans.

Our WordPress security consultants will smoke out viruses like the Ghostbusters… including removal, a full cleanup and protection for the future.

A once-off fee of USD$300 (Approx €300) is payable upon ordering our Hacked Website Service which you can order when you contact us here..

What Are ALL The Benefits You’ll Receive As a WPsupporters Customer?

Signing up for our expert WordPress security support services means you’re receiving the best possible protection for your website.

Which means…

  • No More Website Breaches
  • Hackers Are Stopped In Their Tracks
  • Security Holes Are Eliminated
  • Unwanted Downtime Is Averted
  • Malware Issues Are Eliminated
  • Concerns And Worries Are Dissolved!

Here’s what you will receive…

  • A Free Upgrade To The Premium WordPress Security Plugin, iThemes Security
  • Website Hosting Security Optimisation
  • Password Security With 2-Factor Login Authentication
  • Daily WordPress Security Scans
  • Bulletproof WordPress Firewall
  • WordPress Theme Security Optimisation
  • 24/7 Website Uptime Monitoring
  • WordPress Database Protection
  • Daily Website Backups

WordPress Security Support Worldwide

Our English-speaking, European based support team can support and secure your website, wherever it’s hosted or wherever you’re located worldwide.

We offer maintenance services for websites in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Dubai, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia, NZ, and beyond!

As long as it’s an English-language website, we can maintain and secure it for you.

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