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*We show our results and guarantee improvement. Or you get your money back. Do you want ongoing speed optimisation, please check our monthly services.


One Time Investment

What’s included in our Done For You WordPress Site Speed Optimisation?

Lifetime Premium Speed plugin

Our WordPress Specialists will install and set up WP Rocket ($49.99 a/year) on your site. We will optimise the settings for the best result and improve your website speed lightning fast. WP rocket comes with a lifetime license.

Full Image Optimization

Images can slow down your website drastically. We will optimize all images and resize images that are too big, which saves your website a lot of bandwidth without losing the quality of the images. 

Plugin conflict analysis

Plugin conflicts can massively drag the loading time down. We will check all of the plugins to see if there are any conflicts and we make sure every plugin is checked on the site. 

Database Optimization

Your website saves all the content and data in its database. If you don’t clean up your database regularly, it will become bloated storing tons of old data. We will optimise your database making it quick again. 

Guaranteed results

We promise you will see and notice our speed improvements after the optimisation. If not, you will get your money back. Are you looking for ongoing speed improvements, please check out our monthly plans.

Detailed speed report

In this report we show you the steps we did during the optimisation. We also show you a before and after test of the website, so you can see the results for yourself. 

Our results

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How does it work?

Step 1

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Purchase our Done For You WordPress Speed Optimization

Click on the button below and finish the checkout steps. We accept Creditcard, Ideal, and Apple Pay. If your preferred payment option is not available please contact the WPsupporters by email.

Step 2

WordPress Speed Optimization DFY 9

Send us the login details

Please create a WPsupporter user on your site or send us the login details of your website. You can fill in the form on our thank you page, or send an email to

Step 3

WordPress Speed Optimization DFY 10

We start our WordPress speed optimisation

Our WPsupporter will start speeding up your WordPress website. You will receive an detailed speed report with all of our steps we did on your website. 

Step 4

WordPress Speed Optimization DFY 11

Your visitors will enjoy the speed

After the optimisation, your visitors will enjoy the speed and Google will notice the difference, which can result in better rankings. 

Yes, we can speed up your ecommerce website regardless of its size.

Whether you have an ecommerce store with a plugin like WooCommerce or any other plugin we can make your website load super fast.

For ongoing speed optimisation please see our plans below or setup a chat with one of our consultants…

Yes, if you’d like to speed up the loading time of a large WordPress website, we can make it happen.

We’re WordPress experts, so regardless of the size of your site, we can reduce your website loading time, ideally to under two seconds… so you’ll keep your customers and google happy!

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