WordPress Support Services

Hassle-Free WordPress Website Support Services For Non-Techie Or Busy Business Owners

Getting expert WordPress support to keep your site fast, secure and updated can be tough.

Because it’s not as simple as just pressing a big blue ‘update’ button.

In fact, updating your core WordPress version, theme or plugins can actually take your website offline in a worse-case scenario!

The reality is that owning a website is full of (ongoing) challenges…

From website speed optimization to uptime monitoring, security and ongoing updates, keeping your site performing optimally is critical to your website rankings, leads and sales.

Which is why a reliable WordPress support agency can be worth their weight in gold.

At Last… Expert WordPress Support Services That Prevent These Potential Business-Stoppers Before They Crop Up…

… so you no longer need to spend another minute worrying about your wordpress website

Complete WordPress Website Care Services With Our English-Speaking, European Based Team

Get 24/7 WordPress support with the tech experts at WPsupporters…your English-speaking support team based in The Netherlands.

  1. WordPress Updates – we’ll update your core wordpress version a few days after a new update is released (WP should never be updated immediately in case there’s bugs! Around 7 days after an update is a safe time to update)

  2. Theme & Plugin Updates – as one of the top WordPress support companies we’ll update your theme and plugins as soon as a new version is released to keep your site secure and ensure plugins play well together.

  3. Google Analytics & Google Search Console – we’ll keep your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts connected to your website so your site stays verified and you have 24/7 statistics at your fingertips.

  4. Website Speed Optimisation – with expert-level wordpress speed optimisation services, your website will load Ferrari-fast so your visitors and google are happy 24/7.

  5. Database Optimisation – we’ll keep your WP database clean and optimised so your website stays lean, loads quickly and is error-free.

  6. Malware/Virus Scanning – specialist paid WordPress support means scanning and removing any existing malware or viruses and tightening up your site security to block bots and hackers in the future.

  7. Website Backup/Files Backup – we’ll backup your website daily (offsite) so that you’ve got multiple clean, up-to-date copies of your website available at all times.

  8. Uptime Monitoring – we’ll monitor your website 24/7 so that if it goes offline for whatever reason, we’ll have you back up and running asap. (we can also recommend a top hosting company to ensure 99.99% website uptime too)

  9. Website Security – if you choose our Secure Plan (or higher), our WordPress support specialists will upgrade your security plugin to the premium version of iThemes Security for Alcatraz-level security.

  10. Website Hosting Security Optimisation – we’ll add an additional layer of security (in addition to a plugin) to your website hosting to bolster your site’s protection from bots and hackers.

  11. Staging Website – before we make any edits to your site we’ll test them on a staging site first (a duplicate version of your site on our testing server). This way we ensure it’s all green lights before we update your live website. Clever huh?

  12. Reporting – as part of our complete WordPress optimization services, we’ll update you weekly about your website’s performance and updates so you’re in the loop every step of the way.

WordPress Management Services For Every Type Of Site

If you’re running a WordPress website, our WordPress support engineers can monitor and manage it to ensure it’s performing optimally all day every day:

  • Professional services websites
  • Local bricks & mortar business sites
  • Ecommerce sites (eg. Using WooCommerce)
  • Membership websites
  • Software sites
  • B2B websites
  • Affiliate websites
  • … and many more.

If you have existing plugins, payment integration, downloadable PDFs, paywall content or a membership site, it can all be managed safely by the tech gurus here at WPsupporters.

Here’s a quick summary of the WordPress website services we offer, from maintenance to security…

WordPress Maintenance Service: Get Managed Tech Support From Experts

Maintaining your website is foundational to the operation of your business.

But unless you’re tech savvy or have time to spare, it can be tough to fit in the necessary maintenance tasks, let alone important emergency updates and fixes.

Outsourcing your site maintenance offers lots of advantages, such as:

  • Updates are made as soon as new versions become available (after waiting a few days for bugs to be fixed of course)
  • Your website will be more secure than 90% of your competitors… so you’ll never have to worry about being hacked or your site being offline for days
  • Your site will load at or under 2 seconds… which is good for your site visitors and even better for google (as page-speed is now a google ranking factor)

WordPress outsourcing services such as the packages offered by WPsupporters can keep your site up-to-date and running optimally 24/7… while you’re either working or relaxing.

Just like your Accountant optimizes your finances and minimizes your taxes every year… a WordPress support team can optimize your website year round to keep you ahead of competitors and in google’s good books.

Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services Keep Your Website Ferrari-Fast

Website loading time is now officially a Google ranking factor.

This means that if your site loads slow, it will impact your website’s rankings in google.

Finding a company offering reliable WordPress speed services can be tough, which is why the team here at WPsupporters promise to have your website loading under or around 2 seconds… and keep it there month after month (and you can check your site speed at any time to make sure we’re doing what we promise).

Here’s what to look for on your speed test results…

Wordpress Support Services 1

With new WordPress updates comes new speed optimization tasks, and we’ll keep your site ahead of the game so you’re maximizing your website and ranking opportunities.

WordPress Security Services For Alcatraz-Level Website Lockdown

Securing your website is as important as securing your home… as they’re both a source of financial security for you.

WordPress security goes beyond installing a plugin and hoping for the best.

It can include:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Malware scanning and removal
  • Using a new login page
  • Website theme security
  • Choosing better user account names
  • Using secure passwords
  • Database protection
  • Server-level security

Without a complete WordPress security plan in place, your site will be as vulnerable as a house without locks.

WPsupporters handles everything from WP plugin support to server-level security layers, to scans and virus prevention to keep your site safe and secure.

Reliable WordPress Monthly Support So You Can Set-And-Forget

As part of our monthly WordPress web services, your site will be:

  • Optimized for speed and performance
  • Secured from bots, viruses, malware and hackers
  • Updated, monitored, scanned, debugged and backed up

How’s that for peace of mind?

You can choose from 4 WordPress support plans that include differing levels of maintenance, speed optimization and security.

You’ll be updated weekly via reports to let you know that your site is running smoothly… so you can focus entirely on your business, and leave the tech stuff to your support team.

Of the 4 WordPress support packages, the Performance Plan is the most popular as it includes speed optimization… crucial for staying in google’s good books and keeping your site visitors happy too.

WordPress Themes And Page Builder Support & Maintenance

A website theme is the foundation of any WP website, and keeping it secure from hackers is crucial to keeping your website online.

As part of your WordPress support package, your theme will be analyzed for vulnerabilities and secured against intrusions.

We recommend the following page builders and themes for their excellent security and speed performance:

  • Elementor
  • Divi
  • Oxygen

With your WordPress support plan, we can support whichever theme you currently have installed.

But if you’re wanting to speed up your site and make it as secure as possible, either of the above three are our top recommendations.

WordPress Ecommerce Website Support Keeps Your Shoppers Shopping!

Keeping your ecommerce store online means more sales 24/7… and as a top WordPress support company, we’re here to help you do just that.

From Woocommerce support services to managing other ecommerce plugins, along with other WP plugins to keep your site fast and secure, we’ve got your back.

WordPress Update Services Prevent Costly Website Downtime

A website that goes offline is like a shop with closed doors… and your site can go offline with something as simple as a plugin conflict.

But with the WPsupporters team on your side, we’ll monitor your website uptime, put prevention measures in place, update and fix any urgent issues if they arise.

Offering arguably the best wordpress support services worldwide, our English-speaking team based in The Netherlands can support you wherever you or your website are located.

WordPress Website Edits

Do you need support to edit your website for you? Included in 3 of our 4 support packages is a monthly time allotment for your website edits.

So if you need some text or images updated or edited… just get in touch and we’ll have them done ASAP.

Why Is Choosing WPsupporters A Good Business Decision?

As one of the top WordPress maintenance firms, WPsupporters offer you ultimately one thing:

Peace of mind.

Working with website owners globally, we’ve noticed that by removing the fear and hassles of website ownership, our clients can free up their time and mind to focus on running their business.

And isn’t that ultimately the best use of your time?

By handling your site security, speed, updates and monitoring, that’s hours of worrying off your plate every week… let alone the stress of urgent fixes that crop up from time to time.

With our monthly support packages starting at USD$56 (just $1.56 per day), getting the best WordPress support is just a click away!

WP premium support starts by hiring the right team to back you up… and working with WPsupporters is a smart move for your business.

Here’s what you will receive…

  • A Free Upgrade To The Premium WordPress Security Plugin, iThemes Security
  • Website Hosting Security Optimisation
  • Password Security With 2-Factor Login Authentication
  • Daily WordPress Security Scans
  • Bulletproof WordPress Firewall
  • WordPress Theme Security Optimisation
  • 24/7 Website Uptime Monitoring
  • WordPress Database Protection
  • Daily Website Backups

Monthly WordPress Support Options

Choose a plan above to get started or to keep reading, click on one of the following buttons…



59 36
EUR / Month


122 96
EUR / Month


186 56
EUR / Month


313 76
EUR / Month
WordPress Updates Wordpress Support Services 2
We will update and test your plugins, theme, and core files manually every week.
WordPress Support Wordpress Support Services 2
We help you with all your WordPress issues. Create a ticket in our support system and we will help you as soon as possible.
Performance scan Wordpress Support Services 2 We make a performance scan worth $250 (Approx €250) of your website by checking it on more than 150 points. We will proactively implement improvements and send a transparent performance report afterwards.
24/7 Uptime Monitor Wordpress Support Services 2 Our uptime monitor monitors your website 24/7. If the site goes offline, we immediately check what is going on to get the site back online as soon as possible.
$500 premium plugins Wordpress Support Services 2
We use many premium plugins that you can use for free. For an overview, please send us an email.
Weekly Reports Wordpress Support Services 2
Every week we send a transparent overview of our activities. View a sample rapport.
Cloud Backups Wordpress Support Services 2 We make a backup of your site and store it at an external location (AVG proof) so that we can always restore a backup in case of emergency.
1x Daily
2x Daily
4x Daily
4x Daily
GA4 integration Wordpress Support Services 2
We integrate Google analytics 4 into your website in the right way. We will also show an overview in our weekly reports.
Link analysis Wordpress Support Services 2 We keep track of all links on your website and will notify you if there are any “broken links” that could harm your SEO.
Security software Wordpress Support Services 2 We install security software on your site and configure it optimally so that it becomes very difficult for hackers to gain access.
Malware removal Wordpress Support Services 2 If your WordPress site has been compromised we will clean up the mess and help you strengthen your site security so it won’t happen again.
Database cleaning Wordpress Support Services 2 We will keep your database free of redundant data such as spam comments, revisions and other tables.
Website edits Wordpress Support Services 2 We make the changes you would like to make to your website.
1H Monthly
2H Monthly
4H Monthly
Premium support Wordpress Support Services 2 In addition to the usual support, we give our performance package customers priority in our emergency support and we will usually respond within the hour.
WooCommerce help Wordpress Support Services 2
In addition to the usual support, we help you with your WooCommerce webshop.
Speed ​​Optimization Wordpress Support Services 2
We will speed up the website with a maximum of 2 seconds as a starting point. We use the speed test of GTmetrix.
Image Optimization Wordpress Support Services 2 We will compress your images and create new .webp extension images to reduce your data even more.
Staging site Wordpress Support Services 2 To ensure the continuity of the website, we will first test all updates on a staging website before doing this live.

Enterprise WordPress Maintenance

Are you working for a large organisation with multiple WordPress websites that you’d like to outsource the management of to simplify your I.T. team’s workload? We offer customised plans for large organisations so that you can focus on your core business and not have to worry about the maintenance and updating of your WordPress websites. Book a call with our team today to discuss how it can work for your organisation…
To discuss tailor-made solutions. V.A. €750+ per month.

For Enterprise WordPress Support, book a call with us to discuss your requirements