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*We make sure we handle your website with ease, solving every issue we get with updating your site. Do you want ongoing WordPress maintenance, please check our monthly services.


One Time Investment

What’s included in our Done For You WordPress website analyse?

Theme and plugin updates

We will start with updating any WordPress core files, themes and plugins. Of course, we make sure everything is working as it should and we fix any issues that occur. 

Plugin Conflict Analyse

We often see multiple plugins offering the same services for your website. We check every plugin and give you feedback on which plugin is best for your website.

PHP and Server Settings Analyse

We check your PHP and server configurations and give you advice on what you could improve. 

Issue free Guarantee

You don’t want any problems whit your site. So we guarantee to deliver your site tight and neet.

Speed and Security Analyse

We check your site for speed and security issues. Are you looking for ongoing speed or security improvements, please check out our monthly plans.

Report with actions & suggestions

In our detailed report, we show you what you could improve on your site and server including speed tips, security tips, plugins and theme feedback. 

Our report

With our WordPress website Analyse we will update your site so your site is up to date. Also, you will receive a detailed report of the status of your website.

We check every plugin on the site for any duplication functions or conflicts. We review your server and PHP settings to see if there is any improvement to be made. 

Last but not least, we will test your site’s speed and security. 

We make notes of every step we do, and give you a full and detailed report of actions and suggestions to improve your site even more. 

How does it work?

Step 1

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Purchase our Done For You WordPress Website Analyse

Click on the button below and finish the checkout steps. We accept Creditcard, Ideal, and Apple Pay. If your preferred payment option is not available please contact the WPsupporters by email.

Step 2

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Send us the login details

Please create a WPsupporter user on your site or send us the login details of your website. You can fill in the form on our thank you page, or send an email to

Step 3

WordPress website Analyse 4

We start our WordPress website Analyse

Our WPsupporter will start with the update and analyse of your WordPress website. We take notes of every action we did and suggestions we have for your site. 

Step 4

WordPress website Analyse 5

Review our WordPress website Analyse

When finished you will receive a detailed report with all of the suggestions we have for your website. This includes, plugins, server, PHP, speed and security settings. 

We start with updating your site, after that we will check your site on theme, plugins, PHP, server, speed and security settings. All packed in a detailed report so you know the current status of your site and any improvements. 

Yes, we can help you to do the improvements. We suggest you take a look at our monthly services because every improvement is included in these packages. If you want to hire us only for doing the suggestions, you can hire us for a fixed rate per hour. Please contact us for a quote. 

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