WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options

So You Can Finally Be A Stress-Free Website Owner!

WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 1

by Remco Nieuwenhuizen

Owner of WPsupporters

Getting WordPress help and support whether it’s free or paid can be a lifesaver…

Because feeling lost and confused with WordPress is common if you’re new to websites, not tech savvy, or just don’t like struggling with fiddly tech stuff.

And scouring the web for WordPress customer service in the form of phone support, live chat, email, WhatsApp, and text messaging is enough to send you around the bend!

This is why we created a one-stop resource for ALL WordPress contact details (for free support) and a paid option just in case you’d like fast, expert technical help ongoing.

Because the good news for website owners is; you don’t have to do it alone.

With free support as well as paid support options you can get help with WordPress to ensure your website is functioning optimally 24/7/365.

Just like your Accountant backs you up with finance and tax support, having a tech team can help you with reliable WordPress support services.

This means you’ll have more time to spend on dollar-productive activities like attracting, converting, and serving your customers.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

In this article, we’ll outline everything you need to know about getting support from WordPress directly as well as online forums and premium support from WordPress maintenance companies.

Let’s get into it…

Table of Contents
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    Free Vs Paid WordPress Support (Compared)

    FREE WordPress Forums FREE (yourbrand.WordPress.com) PAID WordPress.com PAID WPsupporters.com
    WordPress Installation DIY Yes Yes We work with existing websites only
    WordPress Website Design & Build DIY DIY Yes We work with existing websites only
    Website Hosting DIY Yes (yourbrand.wordpress.com) Yes (Paid Option) We manage your existing hosting
    Daily (Offsite) Website Backups DIY N/A No, requires scheduling Yes (In All 4 Plans)
    WordPress Speed Optimization DIY N/A No, requires additional plugins Yes (In 2 Plans)
    WordPress Security Optimization DIY N/A No, requires additional plugins Yes (In 3 Plans)
    WordPress Database Maintenance DIY N/A No, manual task for site owner Yes (In 3 Plans)
    Optimization Of Website Images (Speeds Up Website) DIY N/A No, requires additional plugins Yes (In 2 Plans)
    FULL Monthly WordPress Website Maintenance DIY N/A No Yes (4 Plans Offered)
    WordPress Theme Maintenance DIY Yes No Yes (In All 4 Plans)
    WordPress Plugins Maintenance DIY N/A No, manual task for site owner Yes (In All 4 Plans)
    Upgrade To Premium (Paid) WordPress Plugins DIY No No Yes (In All 4 Plans)
    Ecommerce Website Maintenance (WooCommerce) DIY No No Yes (In 2 Plans)
    Malware/Bug/Virus Removal DIY No No, requires additional plugins Yes (In 3 Plans)
    Hacked Website Fix & Restoration DIY No No Yes
    Website Uptime Monitoring DIY No No, requires additional plugins Yes (In All 4 Plans)
    Website Content Editing DIY DIY DIY Yes (In 3 Plans)
    Link Analysis DIY No Yes Yes (In 3 Plans)
    Staging Website (For Testing) DIY N/A Yes Yes (In 2 Plans)
    Google Analytics Integration DIY Yes Yes Yes
    Google Search Console Integration DIY No Yes Yes
    Weekly Reports No DIY DIY Yes
    Email Support No Yes Yes Yes (In All 4 Plans)
    Live Chat Support No No Yes, but limited No
    Emergency (24/7/365) Support Yes (But DIY Fix) No No No
    Enterprise WordPress Website Services DIY N/A Yes Yes (Various Options)
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    Official WordPress Contact Details

    If you need emergency WordPress support it may surprise you to learn that calling WordPress isn’t an option.

    That’s right, for those of you that are hoping to call through and chat with one of WordPress’ support teams there unfortunately is currently no phone number for WordPress support.

    However, there are several other options available to you.

    While not all of these offer support for free, many are quite cost-effective and help you navigate and resolve issues quite quickly and with minimal stress.

    If you’re after WordPress 24/7 support be prepared to either pay for this service or diversify your approach to seek the help you need.

    Live Chat

    If you hate dealing with people over the phone, but email doesn’t offer a quick enough turn-around to meet your needs, then accessing WordPress chat support is ideal.

    Within WordPress, there are both free and paid options for this.

    WordPress live support via chat is available 24 hours a day Monday to Friday and extended business hours on weekends, but only for customers on a paid Annual Premium, Business, and eCommerce plans or WordPress’ legacy Pro plan.

    If you access the website’s live chat for WordPress and all their support staff are busy on other chats, you will receive an answer to your query by email instead.

    Unfortunately, this alternative to live WordPress support is also only offered to paying customers.

    Alternatively, if you’d rather not deal with the WordPress help desk or are not signed up for one of their paid plans you can access custom support via our team here at WP Supporters for a fee instead.

    Free Option:
    1) WordPress.com/Support

    Paid Options:
    1) WordPress.com/Support
    2) WPsupporters.com – Book a Call

    Email Help Desk

    If a WordPress support chat doesn’t fit your needs, you may also like to try making contact directly with WordPress customer support via email.

    This service is offered free of charge, however, opting to pursue WordPress support via email can mean some slight delays due to the volume of inquiries they receive daily.

    An alternative to the extended wait time for those that prefer email as a means of communication is to contact WP Supporters for email WordPress support.

    Our expert services are offered for a fee, but with much faster turnaround times.

    Free Option:
    1) WordPress.com – Support / Login For Support

    Paid Option:
    1) WPsupporters.com – Contact Us

    Phone / WhatsApp / Text

    If sending a text or speaking to someone over the phone is your ideal scenario for WordPress tech support you may need to look farther afield than WordPress directly.

    Currently, there is no WordPress customer service number through which to access phone support.

    WordPress WhatsApp support or Text support is also not offered as yet, but they do have email and chat support which are both offered for free, though greater access to support is available for those on higher-tier paid plans with WordPress.

    For a more personal approach and the chance to speak with an expert that can talk you through any issues, we suggest booking a call with a WordPress support service such as WP Supporters.

    Free Option:
    WordPress doesn’t offer phone support or WhatsApp or Text support, but they have email and chat support.

    Paid Option:
    1) WPsupporters.com – Book a Call


    WordPress forums are undoubtedly a goldmine of information.

    Full of discussions by real-time users, forums allow you to search for topics you need support with as well as ask your own questions.

    WordPress support forums are free to use both locally and on a global scale.

    There is also the option to access the moderated customer support forum following logging into your site.

    As always if further WordPress assistance is required you can contact WordPress support either via their free channels or paid support network.

    Free Options:
    1) WordPress.com/Forums
    2) WordPress.org Global Forum
    3) Customer Support Forum (Login)

    Paid Options:
    1) WordPress.com/Support

    Social Media

    You may not have considered social media as a WordPress support contact, but it can be an incredibly helpful tool.

    As a global community across multiple time zones and with members having diverse areas of expertise this can make it easier to access 24/7 WordPress support.

    Utilizing social media is somewhat similar to accessing a WordPress help forum but on a grander scale, and the best part? It’s free to use.

    Facebook Groups:

    Facebook Groups for WordPress support can be a fantastic resource to get help as well as support other website owners too.

    The important thing is to find a group that matches your support needs as well as your current technical know-how so that you can actually implement the advice provided by other members.

    Often able to give you quick answers or help, Facebook groups are a great option given there are no WordPress support numbers where you can call WordPress directly.

    Here are some top WordPress Facebook Groups to consider joining:

    Advanced WordPress Group

    All About WordPress Facebook Group

    All Things WordPress


    WordPress Speed Up

    WordPress Plugin Suggestions

    WP Beginner

    Top WordPress Experts


    LinkedIn Groups:

    LinkedIn groups for WordPress can be a great resource to connect with experts and get the answers you’re looking for.

    Here are two top groups to investigate:

    WordPress.com Official LinkedIn Group

    WordPress Experts

    Worldwide Support

    WordPress USA Support

    For free support in the USA, simply contact WordPress directly via WordPress.com support.

    Keeping in mind that there is no WordPress phone number and there can be delays in replies when utilizing their chat service, you may also like to consider contacting an expert for paid support.

    WordPress Canada Support

    Within Canada, free support is available here.

    For rapid, tailored assistance, whether this is for WordPress plugin support, updates or issues, paid professional support is also readily available.

    WordPress UK Support

    For those residing in the UK, local WordPress contact support is available here.

    If you prefer paid support from a dedicated expert, click here.

    WordPress EU Support

    There are several contacts for free WordPress support across Europe including in France, Germany, Netherlands & Belgium, Spain, and Italy.

    You will not find a WordPress phone number for any of these offices either, so again, if one-on-one phone support is preferred, we recommend seeking a paid option that will be tailored to your needs.

    WordPress Australia Support

    Seeking a WordPress support chat or contact for Australia? There is a free service available for the region here.

    Alternatively, to avoid the pitfalls of waiting for a WordPress support ticket to be resolved you can find a more rapid solution via a paid service.

    WordPress New Zealand Support

    Despite its proximity to Australia, New Zealand also has its own dedicated team for WordPess.org support.

    If you prefer a direct approach, many paid services offer a dedicated WordPress tech support phone number for professional support.

    WordPress South Africa Support

    Within South Africa, WordPress help contact information can be found here.

    WordPress support live chat is also available in South Africa for paying customers of WordPress.com.

    For quicker and more personalised WordPress online support, we recommend a specialist paid service.

    Premium WordPress Support

    What Does Paid Support Include Exactly?

    Ever heard the expression ‘you get what you pay for’?

    When it comes to finding reliable and genuinely helpful WordPress support services in the UK, US, Europe, Australia, and beyond this can certainly ring true.

    No two WordPress website service providers are the same and what they offer can vary significantly.

    Whether you’re seeking unlimited WordPress support or tailored help with specific areas, there is something for everyone.

    But how do you choose?

    Knowing what to look for in a paid WordPress website care plan is one way you can ensure you are getting value for money and the proper support you need.

    In this guide, we aim to help you determine exactly that – pinpointing the foundations of great support and what this is worth in terms of your budget.

    So let’s get to it!


    The single most effective way to detect and resolve WordPress issues is to be proactive.

    Having your site consistently and professionally monitored by a WordPress support and maintenance company can help you avoid site outages, and experience better site performance.

    This in turn means happier site visitors and better conversion rates.

    So what do we mean by monitoring exactly?

    Let’s take a look…

    Performance Monitoring

    WordPress maintenance support services such as performance monitoring come with several benefits.

    Through performance monitoring, you can gain valuable insights into things such as:

    • How many visitors your site receives
    • How quickly it loads
    • Whether it ever goes offline, and more.

    These are all things that are linked to running a well-performing and successful WordPress site.

    Through performance monitoring, you gain access to all this data and are better positioned to adjust or improve your site accordingly.

    This is just one way in which WordPress site support can help you meet your business goals.

    Uptime Monitoring

    Uptime refers to how often your site is live, online, visible/accessible to the public..

    Through uptime monitoring, you may discover your site is not live/online or visible/accessible to the public when it should be.

    An extended period of unavailability can have a seriously detrimental effect on your search rankings, your valuable reputation, and of course your revenue.

    Monitoring uptime helps you pinpoint if and when website downtime occurs and can help you make decisions about whether your hosting provider is the right one for you.

    This component of WP support can also help you get to the bottom of any sudden drops in revenue or visitor numbers.


    As a website owner you know just how important updates are to the proper functioning of your site.

    The problem with these updates is their frequency.

    If you are a busy business owner, it can be easy to miss a vital update or simply not have the time necessary to properly handle them all.

    If you’ve ever felt bogged down by or overwhelmed by the task of managing these essential updates, you’re not alone.

    Thankfully, engaging the help of a WordPress support agency can make light work of ongoing updates and keep you in the loop about what’s been updated week-to-week.

    A specialist WordPress maintenance agency can take care of:

    WordPress Core Version Updates

    WordPress is constantly making enhancements to its ‘core’ or foundational files that are necessary for its proper functioning.

    These core updates ensure that the platform does what it is supposed to do and that any bugs or problems are resolved.

    Core WordPress files are responsible for things such as allowing access to the dashboard, and the ability to add blogs to WordPress websites and edit posts and pages.

    Without these updates, both these foundational elements of the page and any add-ons such as plugins can begin to malfunction and cause problems.


    There are so many amazing plugins designed to help with WordPress site operation.

    However, despite their usefulness, many are quickly superseded by new versions or better options with greater functionality.

    While some plugins may auto-update, many require you to manually instigate their installation.

    Ensuring all your plugins are up to date means they can work optimally and keep your site secure and running as expected.

    Given many WordPress sites have several plugins installed, keeping up to date with all their updates can be a challenge.

    Once again though, this is something WordPress maintenance providers can handle for you as part of an ongoing care plan.


    Updating your chosen WordPress theme can be a little more complex than core or plugin updates.


    Because updating your theme can see you accidentally lose any customizations you have in place.

    However, avoiding this issue is not as simple as just opting out of an update.

    WordPress theme updates come with essential security patches and additional features so they should not be avoided.

    If you have used ​​a third party for the development of your site and were not actively involved in its construction, losing these customizations and reinstating them can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor.

    The solution?

    An experienced WordPress support engineer can ensure your updates are sorted without losing important customizations… through the use of a Child Theme.

    A Child Theme is a duplicate of your main theme and works as a standalone theme so that any customizations made don’t affect the main theme and aren’t lost during a WP update.

    A professional in WP site care will not only check for core, plugin, and theme updates but take steps to remove any unnecessary files or plugins that are no longer necessary.

    This keeps your site clean, able to function better, and contributes to faster loading times.

    Speed Optimization

    Well all know how frustrating a slow website can be.

    As a visitor, a slow website can see us quickly navigate away from the page and find an alternative.

    This can be hugely detrimental to your bottom line as a business – you’re relying on visitors to stay engaged with your page and proceed to make a purchase.

    It is for this reason that so many site owners seek WordPress website help for speed optimization.

    Image Optimization

    One of the most effective ways to quickly speed up your site is to focus on image optimization.

    Large images may be an effective visual tool, but they are known to slow down the loading speed of your page.

    Professional WordPress website support services apply several strategies to overcome this issue.

    From compressing image size to setting up lazy loading (only loading images once they’re scrolled to) you can retain the images on your site without compromising on speed.

    Seeking assistance with WordPress database support can also be a positive step towards a faster website.

    A regular clean-up of your database removes unused files and as a result, can help your site operate more quickly and efficiently.

    Not all agencies will offer this, so be sure to ask if this is something you want help managing.

    There is so much that goes into keeping your WordPress site lightning fast, for a more detailed overview of how you can achieve this, please see our blog post on this topic.

    Security Optimization

    Comparable to speed when it comes to importance, the security of your WordPress site is something that should never be skipped over.

    No matter which WordPress support company you elect to work with, they will undoubtedly place a large focus on security.

    Your site’s security relies on a couple of key areas being properly monitored and maintained, namely…

    Website-Level Security

    Sure there are some fantastic plugins available that can help you manage the security of your WordPress site, but simply relying on a plugin can be problematic.

    Opting for WordPress support plus some well-chosen security plugins is ideal.

    Just as plugins have updates, there are frequent security updates from WordPress that also need to be managed and installed.

    Ensuring your website is secure helps to reduce the chances of being hacked, and can help you avoid expensive emergency fixes or costly downtime.

    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, while WordPress is quite user-friendly, it isn’t necessarily beginner friendly.

    With website security, this is no exception.

    So when it comes to WordPress, paid support for security expertise is a wise investment.

    With security being something that protects both you and your valued customers, it is understandable that you would prefer to leave it in the expert hands of a WordPress support specialist.

    The peace of mind you can gain knowing your security is being handled proactively is truly invaluable.

    Hosting-Level Security

    Did you know that your choice of web hosting plays an integral role in your site’s security?

    Even if your website itself is well set up to fend off hackers and bots, if your hosting service isn’t secure, you could find yourself in trouble.

    Your hosting service should have security in place that works to:

    • Prevent attacks
    • Minimise the impact of any successful attacks
    • Quickly respond to attacks if and when they occur

    If you’re unsure whether your choice of hosting has a good track record for security or whether it has adequate security for your needs a WordPress expert support team can assist.

    Additionally, having a support team engaged means any issues with your hosting will be quickly pinpointed and resolutions sought.

    For a more in-depth review of WordPress Security, where to find support for WordPress security concerns, see our helpful WP security checklist on this topic.

    Website Backups

    Imagine you have spent significant time and funds to create your ideal website only to lose it during an update or hacking attack.

    The stress and panic this would induce are palpable!

    The single best way to avoid a scenario like this is to ensure your website is properly backed-up or saved securely.

    The vast majority of WordPress maintenance and support services will recommend you store a backup of your website offsite in a cloud service.


    Because this is the best way to ensure hackers cannot access it and gives you the best chance of restoring your site should the unthinkable occur.

    Loss of your site can mean expensive and lengthy site rebuilds, loss of revenue, and even the collapse of your operations altogether.

    Taking this into account it is easy to see why backups are so important and why all the best WordPress support services prioritize this task.

    Off-Site (Cloud Backups)

    Opting for an off-site cloud backup means that your site and other valuable data are stored offsite in multiple locations.

    So long as you have an internet connection, you should be able to easily retrieve and back up information into the cloud.

    Storing your data in one location is something we strongly recommend against as the likelihood of losing this important information is much higher when not stored in several offsite servers.

    Backups should be done regularly but are often neglected by busy site owners.

    When you opt for WordPress monthly support, this is all handled for you.

    Website Editing

    You’ve spent considerable time and funds to craft new content for your site, but you notice errors once published or are struggling to find the time to publish at all.

    What are your options?

    Did you know there are paid WordPress support and maintenance services that can handle this for you also?

    As any expert will tell you, new content plays a vital role in the growth of your website.

    It can help to enhance your search engine rankings, if you have error-filled, outdated or, backlogged uploads to manage you can quickly become overwhelmed or fail to benefit from the content you have.

    Many WordPress support companies can facilitate the ongoing maintenance of this for you by…

    Editing Existing Content

    Search engines love new content, but that doesn’t have to mean your old content is no longer useful.

    Editing your content to keep it fresh and accurate is also effective.

    This also helps to keep your site engaging and free of outdated offers or information that is no longer pertinent to your visitors.

    Publishing New Content

    Whether you’re adding optimized content for SEO purposes or simply adding new product descriptions, consistently publishing new content is great for your site.

    Fiddling with the technical side of uploading these can be quite time-consuming, however, and as such often falls lower on the list of priorities.

    Seeking out WP maintenance plans that include this as part of their services can ensure you gain the benefits of a fresh site without spending valuable time on this task yourself.

    WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 4

    Maintenance Plans/Support Packages

    WordPress support packages can vary depending on the company and its service offerings, and we’ve outlined these service inclusions in the comparison table near the top of this page.

    Support packages often start at around USD$50 per month and upwards from there, often with 3 to 5 package options.

    View the WordPress support plans offered by us (WPsupporters), or refer to the table at the bottom of this page.

    Meet WPsupporters.com…
    Your Worldwide WordPress Support Team

    WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 5

    Get your WordPress secure, loading fast, and up-to-date monthly from as little as USD$56 p/mth.

    Pick an all-in-one plan that includes…

    View our 4 plans (starting at just $56 p/m) >

    Backup WordPress Website

    As discussed earlier, properly backing up a WordPress website is one of the most important things you should be focused on as a website owner.

    But how do you back up a WordPress website?

    Here are some helpful videos we recommend for those attempting this by themselves.

    How to backup your website using the Updraft plugin:

    Available as both a free and premium paid option, Updraft is a popular plugin for simplifying backups and taking the hard work out of this essential task.

    Used by several prestigious institutions including Microsoft and Princeton University it is a plugin you can trust to keep your site expertly backed up.

    Learn how to schedule backups, where to find and restore backups and more with this easy to follow tutorial.

    How to backup your website using the All-in-one WP migration plugin:

    Designed to assist with cloning and migration, this plugin creates a complete copy of your site and stores it securely in the cloud.

    This makes for easy access for restorations in just a few clicks!

    Learn more about this fast and reliable backup option via this easy to understand tutorial.

    How to backup your website using the Backup Buddy plugin:

    As its name implies, this plugin is your best friend when it comes to backups.

    While not a free option, it allows for customisable backups, scheduled back ups and remote storage among other great features.

    You can learn more about whether Backup Buddy is the right choice for you via the following tutorial.

    If you’re still unsure how to backup a WordPress website and database following these video tutorials, please reach out to our team.

    Clone WordPress Website

    Is your site performing well and you’d like to launch a similar, second site to capitalise on its success?

    Did you know you do not have to build the site over again from scratch?

    Instead, you have the option of cloning a WordPress website.

    This makes it possible to quickly and easily set up a new site.

    You simply copy a WordPress website over to another domain and in doing so avoid the added expense of building a new site.

    If you’re unsure where to begin, we’ve linked our recommended DIY videos for how to copy a WordPress website through cloning to help you on your way.

    How to clone your website using the  All-in-one WP migration plugin:

    With this plugin you can quickly and confidently back-up, migrate your site with ease.

    With over 4 million active instals, it is easily one of the most popular plugins for cloning a site.

    This tutorial outlines in the most simple terms how to install and execute your site migration flawlessly.

    How to clone your website using he Duplicator plugin:

    Another easy to use option, Duplicatior groups all of your website files into a single portable zip file.

    Using this zip file or ‘package’ you can then easily migrate your entire site to your preferred location such as a new host, domain, or staging site.

    Simply follow the steps in this tutorial and you’ll have completed your site’s migration in no time at all.

    How to clone your website manually:

    Prefer to skip the use of a plugin and manage your site cloning/migration manually?

    This tutorial will guide you through how to do eaxctly that.

    Keep in mind that a manual migration will take you quite a bit longer, but if you have the time it is also a great way to learn more about the inner workings of WordPress.

    Create A WordPress Site

    Creating your custom WordPress site is relatively straightforward, however, you will need a good dose of patience and perseverance if you elect to do it without professional support.

    Once you’ve finished building your site, how do you keep it updated, secure, fast, and appealing to your visitors?

    The easiest way that is both cost-effective and ensures your time and focus can be elsewhere, is to engage the support of a professional team.

    Expert tech support allows you to hand over the complex upkeep involved with your website without compromising on its functionality or earning potential.

    Whether you need help to create, build, develop or customise your site, a specialist in WordPress can help you navigate this with ease.

    If you’re determined to give it a go yourself, here are our top tips for how to get started…

    Register a Domain Name

    Before you begin to build your site, you’ll need a domain name to associate it with.

    While most domain names come at a cost, they do not need to be overly pricey. It will all depend on the name you’re after.

    We recommend finding and securing your domain name via a register you trust.

    WordPress Website Design Services

    Unless you have a real knack for tech you may find the process of designing and building your website a little overwhelming.

    You may like to engage the help of seasoned professionals who can manage this process for you for a fee.

    If you rather tackle this step yourself or budgeting doesn’t allow for professional support, there are some great free tools including WordPress’ very own website builder tool that can help you on your way.

    There are plenty of DIY tutorials available online for added guidance too.

    WordPress Hosting

    Sourcing the best hosting for your WordPress website, right from the outset, is one of the best things you can do for your site.

    Being choosy or selective about who will host your site can help you avoid issues with site speed or security later down the track.

    Generally, the best WordPress website hosting is paid rather than free.

    However, if you are set on having a free option, WordPress’ free hosting offer is a good solution.

    When it comes to paid hosting, in our experience the top five hosting providers we would recommend are:

    1. SiteGround.com
    2. BlueHost.com
    3. HostGator.com
    4. WPengine.com
    5. WordPress.com Self-Hosted Website

    WordPress Themes

    Choosing your WordPress theme is an important step in the creation of your website, there are several options available both paid and free.

    For free themes, we suggest checking out WordPress’ selection and following their DIY tutorial for WordPress theme support.

    You can learn how to install, change and customize your selection in a few simple steps.

    If you prefer greater flexibility and customization options in your theme a paid option from Theme Forest.

    Offering a wide range of customizable themes to choose from for WordPress, add theme support, and more, this is an inexpensive and effective option for many beginners.

    Enterprise WordPress Website Management

    WordPress is a popular choice for Enterprises, and many household names use WordPress such as Time Magazine, Sony Music, TechCrunch and Wired Magazine, just to name a few.

    WordPress VIP is a solution for enterprises offered by WordPress’s parent company Automattic..

    It’s a more robust solution specifically designed for enterprises that want an easy to use CMS but with a solid foundation focused on security and reliability.

    When properly hosted and managed WordPress VIP site can handle millions of page views a month without issue.

    The key words here, however, are ‘well managed’.

    A cluttered WordPress site that isn’t optimized for speed or kept properly updated will struggle to operate properly at an enterprise level.

    In these instances, it is highly recommended to engage professional support to keep your site running smoothly and ensure no lapses in availability or earning potential.

    While there is no WordPress technical support phone number for general WordPress sites, the WordPress VIP sales team can be contacted in the USA on: +1 510.255.4621

    Keep in mind that should you be seeking support with something more complex, such as Woocommerce support services, as a component of your WordPress site you should expect to pay accordingly.

    WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 6

    Monthly WordPress Support Options



    59 36
    EUR / Month


    122 96
    EUR / Month


    186 56
    EUR / Month


    313 76
    EUR / Month
    WordPress Updates WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7
    We will update and test your plugins, theme, and core files manually every week.
    WordPress Support WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7
    We help you with all your WordPress issues. Create a ticket in our support system and we will help you as soon as possible.
    Performance scan WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7 We make a performance scan worth $250 (Approx €250) of your website by checking it on more than 150 points. We will proactively implement improvements and send a transparent performance report afterwards.
    24/7 Uptime Monitor WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7 Our uptime monitor monitors your website 24/7. If the site goes offline, we immediately check what is going on to get the site back online as soon as possible.
    $500 premium plugins WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7
    We use many premium plugins that you can use for free. For an overview, please send us an email.
    Weekly Reports WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7
    Every week we send a transparent overview of our activities. View a sample rapport.
    Cloud Backups WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7 We make a backup of your site and store it at an external location (AVG proof) so that we can always restore a backup in case of emergency.
    1x Daily
    2x Daily
    4x Daily
    4x Daily
    GA4 integration WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7
    We integrate Google analytics 4 into your website in the right way. We will also show an overview in our weekly reports.
    Link analysis WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7 We keep track of all links on your website and will notify you if there are any “broken links” that could harm your SEO.
    Security software WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7 We install security software on your site and configure it optimally so that it becomes very difficult for hackers to gain access.
    Malware removal WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7 If your WordPress site has been compromised we will clean up the mess and help you strengthen your site security so it won’t happen again.
    Database cleaning WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7 We will keep your database free of redundant data such as spam comments, revisions and other tables.
    Website edits WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7 We make the changes you would like to make to your website.
    1H Monthly
    2H Monthly
    4H Monthly
    Premium support WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7 In addition to the usual support, we give our performance package customers priority in our emergency support and we will usually respond within the hour.
    WooCommerce help WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7
    In addition to the usual support, we help you with your WooCommerce webshop.
    Speed ​​Optimization WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7
    We will speed up the website with a maximum of 2 seconds as a starting point. We use the speed test of GTmetrix.
    Image Optimization WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7 We will compress your images and create new .webp extension images to reduce your data even more.
    Staging site WordPress Website Support, Free & Paid WP Support Options 7 To ensure the continuity of the website, we will first test all updates on a staging website before doing this live.

    Enterprise WordPress Maintenance

    Are you working for a large organisation with multiple WordPress websites that you’d like to outsource the management of to simplify your I.T. team’s workload? We offer customised plans for large organisations so that you can focus on your core business and not have to worry about the maintenance and updating of your WordPress websites. Book a call with our team today to discuss how it can work for your organisation…
    To discuss tailor-made solutions. V.A. €750+ per month.

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